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This AD Architecture City Guide is dedicated to the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, originally established as a garden-city on the sandy shores of the Mediterranean in 1909. Although widely known as “The White City” for boasting the world’s largest collection of International Style Buildings, Tel Aviv is not merely a monochromatic Bauhaus colony: it presents a rich mosaic of locally interpreted styles, from Eclectic to Brutalist to contemporary, which are the result of foreign and locally-born architects who adapted to the local cultural and climatic conditions. Join us for our architectural city guide through the "Non-Stop City" after the break… The Pagoda House and the Eclectic Style Built in 1925, The Pagoda House is one of the most impressive examples of eclectic architecture in Tel Aviv. The three story house integrates elements from several architectural styles, time periods and motifs; its form is inspired by a traditional Chinese Pagoda, combined with load-bearing, Islamic arches and Greek columns. Today, the house serves as a residential home for a Swedish investor, who purchased and renovated the house in the 1990s, following years of neglect. View more View full description
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