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Weightless Pull designed by CO was part of Public Summer 2011 at Industry City. The installation temporarily transformed a once narrow and empty passageway into a lively vertical and depending on the wind horizontal sculptural environment. Constructed of plastic wrap and nylon rope (there were over 600 different knots), CO’s design focused on geometry fields and linear systems, mechanics simple intuitive systems that are natural to the chosen materials and geometry, and materials that are repeatable, reusable, and economically sustainable. ABSTRACT Weightless Pull is an experiment with scale and fields. It’s final state is a large permeable wall suspended and tethered between two warehouse buildings in Industry City Brooklyn. The design made from rope and plastic celebrates the monumental scale of the site stretching 80′ high to the roof of the adjacent buildings. A 80′x30′ field of 18,000 LF of plastic is pulled weightlessly in the wind creating a dynamic volume. View more View full description
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