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A paradoxical task: a closed juvenile institute with maximum security in combination with an environment where 144 juvenile residents between the ages of 12 and 18 can receive optimal treatment. The open and relaxed design of the Federal Institute for Youths (RIJ) makes for a privileged environment inside the protection and limitations of a wall. The RIJ is built like a village, with homes and streets, a school and a sportsbuilding. Inside the oval shaped ring wall are 12 pavilions with living and sleeping quarters for 10 youths situated around a walkway. Although it is a covered walkway, it is open on the side so that weather and wind can be felt during the daily walk to school and sports. The walkway (street) connects the pavilions with the general buildings in the center: the sports building, the education and treatment building and the general offices. Between these buildings are 3 remote outdoor areas. View more View full description
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