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USA Today has put together a list of city neighborhoods which are satiated with activity, areas which offer a “great slice of urban life.” These districts trend from the urban vicinity to its very core, each in itself exemplifying the revitalization of the American city. The list includes regions which have been influenced by deliberate urban revitalization projects, such as High Line Park in Chelsea; while other neighborhoods have experienced an influx of a younger populace which has contributed to its growth, such as Lawrenceville in Pittsburgh. See the 10 Up and Coming Urban Neighborhoods after the break. 1 – H Street Corridor NE, Washington, District of Colombia This neighborhood has been reshaped by a series of re-urbanization projects in its northeast corridor. The one-and-a-half mile district was divided into 3 sections in 2002: the Urban Living district, the Central Retail District, and the Arts and Entertainment District. Since then, urban dwellers have flocked to this booming neighborhood, infamous for its nightlife. It is one of Washington’s busiest commercial and entertainment centers, now home to theater companies and popular restaurants. View more View full description
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