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ADD Inc shared with us their proposal for City Sqaure Miami, a multi-phase, mixed use project which integrates digital media and architecture to restructure Miami’s Performing Arts District. City Square is an elaborate urban design scheme that is comprised of two gleaming “media towers,” intended to bring brightness and excitement to Miami’s premiere arts and entertainment hub. More on City Square Miami after the break. This ambitious urban design plan also includes a 1,600 car parking garage, a retail plaza, and a residential tower. The project focuses on the scale of the pedestrian, rather than the vehicle, the flow of foot traffic is uninhibited by the urban elements. The advertisements on the façade of the towers is grand and dramatic, aiming to advertise to as broad as range as possible, and attract to its assortment of municipal uses; civic, educational, cultural, informational, media, advertising, and branding. The nearby Arsht Center for Performing Arts can be thought of as the initial phase of this construction; this district is expected to become renowned for its drama both inside and outside of the theatre. View more View full description
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