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Trahan Architects, among several elite design firms to contend, was selected to design “one of the most significant ecclesiastical commissions in the nation,” also known as the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs. The proposed 1,750 seat sanctuary, along with a master plan comprises this project, which sits in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The structure is relatively independent of overt signs of a church; its design aspires to revive the church’s identity through an architecture which articulates convergence. More on the First Presbyterian Church of Colorado Springs after the break. The Church Leadership’s new vision encompasses an accessibility, rather than fortification, of religious facilities. The pre-existing, forbidding street walls at the South and West edges of the site have been replaced by a vast plaza and green, engaging the urban context to permeate the site.  This idea of open space as an “urban counterpart” is derived from Colorado Springs’ original master plan, the Palmer Code. By assuming a single city block is a coercive whole, it can then be employed as a community gathering space for civic events. View more View full description
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