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It is a known fact that larger architectural firms have been commissioned work in China for years, giants such as Steven Holl Architects and Goettsch Partners are known to have well-established satellite offices in Shanghai. Without a doubt, Chinese work has filled the void left by the less than impressive American economy, but it is only within the past decade that these projects have been extended to smaller architectural firms within the United States. Find out how small U.S. architectural firms are profiting from China’s economic boom after the break. Preston Scott Cohen and Zoka Zola are two, small architecture firms based in the U.S. who have recently experienced this Chinese economic upswing.  Each has been commissioned projects by Chinese clients, and each has responded to the program in an ultramodern, elaborate fashion. However, it should be noted that the all-encompassing projects petitioned by Chinese clients are ambitious from initiation; more often than not they strive for a significant architecture, and are fully entrusting of the Architect to accomplish this. View more View full description
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