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This is a three-story residence on a 83.60 sqm plot of land, with three sides facing the roads. We designed a planar and compact three-story house allowing car and bicycle parking space. The trees in the courtyard can be viewed from each room, so you can sense the turn of the seasons indoors. We placed a large window sash in the corridor to allow viewing the trees from the bathroom, not adjacent to the courtyard, in response to the client's request. The split-level floor and open ceiling combination let you enjoy altering open spaces, with expansion in vertical and horizontal directions. Plaster walls and solid oak wooden floor are used to match their furniture. The couple's favorite color, "Adzuki" (reddish brown), was chosen as the color for the exterior wall Galvalume steel plate. Looking toward the house from the street and through the large window, you can catch a glimpse of the white exterior wall of the courtyard, giving depth to this compactly designed house. View more View full description
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