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The house is characterized by a very wide picture-like window towards borrowed scenery of a 50-year-old cherry blossom tree. There is a street right in front of the north side of the land, and a high retaining wall of the adjacent land on the south side. Therefore, a room on the south side first floor is unlikely to benefit from the daylight. We proposed a plan to take advantage of the wonderful cherry blossom tree on the north side. The client wished to separate the dining area and the living room, so we positioned the dining area on the first floor and the living room on the second floor. Two different size picture-like windows were placed on the north side, which provide plenty of daylight and openness. We planned for smooth flow line for various house works. Ease of movement or convenience was the theme of the first floor where the atelier, kitchen, bathroom, and family closet are laid out. Relaxation is the theme on the second floor, where living room and bedrooms reside. View more View full description
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