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The Balfron Tower by architect Erno Goldfinger is an iconic Brutalist residential high rise located in London’s eastside Poplar borough.  Designed in 1963 for the London County Council and completed in 1967 by the Greater London Council, this social housing estate broke the traditions of typical residential architecture. Conceived as a solution to sprawling suburbia, Goldfinger embraced verticality as the cure.  Rising to 84 meters in height, the Balfron Tower dwarfs its immediate neighbors – the Carradale House, and the Glenkerry House – all forming part of the Brownfield Estates also designed by Goldfinger. In a drastic shift from the typical preconception of tower architecture, Goldfinger separated the services from the accommodation by splitting the tower in two. Entry is gained via a concrete bridge that opens into the main lobby of the slender service tower.  View more View full description
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