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Context of the Building The Morris Lemma Indoor Sports Centre (MIISC) was designed by Wayne McPhee & Associates, Architects, with a team of engineering specialists. As a community facility for the people of Canterbury, our beginning of the design process was to capture the context of Riverwood, a “poetic” place name combining both river and wood. This understanding of the geographic and cultural context was a springboard to the creative design process for the building. We believe the design of this important project at Riverwood possesses a place for memories of the previous inhabitants, and will have meaning for the generations to come. The Design Concept or “Philosophy” The MIISC as a community sporting facility contains and expresses the culture, character, nature and sporting uses of the site. The building expresses not only functional and operational requirements but community and social aspirations which have been realized through generous government financial contributions. Our design approach has been to maximize the potential of the site and provide the occupants sporting and improved lifestyle opportunities. View more View full description
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