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The Milanofiori housing complex is part of the master plan by Erick van Egeraat, characterized by a series of functions (offices, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, leisure, residences) that create a cluster whose elements appear to follow the characteristics of the surrounding landscape creating a public park as the extension of the existing forest. The design seeks the symbiosis between architecture and landscape, so that the synthesis of artificial and natural elements could define the quality of living and the sense of belonging by the inhabitants. The interface between the building and the garden becomes the field where interaction between man and environment takes place. This interface is defined by the "C" form of the complex which encompasses the public park, and by the porosity from interior to exterior that characterizes all 107 apartments. The two facades are designed differently with one more urban, facing the street outside, and the other one more organic, facing the inner park. View more View full description
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