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A primary school like the one designed in Catalonia by design studio Arqtel calls a design that is sensitive to childrens’ need for comfortable and inviting spaces. This building generates a dialogue with its surroundings not only through its spatial composition and architectural tectonics but also through its volumetric orientation.  As a result, the building optimizes functional program at the same time as it focuses on aspects of light, orientation and the quality of the spaces generated. Retaining a telluric presence, the building brings a sense of order to the site and acts as a landmark among surrounding buildings and fields. Its north-south longitudinal axis opens up in a circulation pattern resembling a comb, alternating playfully between filled and empty spaces that characterize the whole. The stratification of the facades realizes an intention to create a modern and dynamic presence. The result reflects a kind of animated architectural and material character with exposed concrete walls on the facades of the longitudinal axes.  View more View full description
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