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Sitting on a 900 sqm block, A’Beckett Tower is a prototype for high-density residual infill. The transition from podium to tower is treated non-traditionally, with a thin veneer of apartments surrounding the carpark, which is accessed via elevators for cars, liberating the street front from ramps. Step inside A’Beckett and into a world Inspired by the covert existence of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99. The interiors of A’Beckett Tower’s apartments embrace the anonymity of city life, allowing you to choose your own adventure. With 347 louvres in 16 different colors, you could be forgiven for thinking Elenberg Fraser was engaging with the local architectural context with their new building for Pan Urban, A’Beckett Tower. Au contraire, they are exploring the sensory effects of color, rather than symbolic representation, by testing Goethe’s Theory of Colors. View more View full description
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