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Can the experience of art be enhanced through architecture? White walls + Isolated Rooms = Good museum? Eero Lunden Studio’s design of the Serlauchius Museum extension seeks to deviate from that mantra by developing an architecture that directly facilitates human interaction with art. It is Eero Lunden Studio’s belief that the experience of art can be enhanced through innovative architecture and new spatial experiences. The design of the Maison Promino seeks to achieve two main goals: to create an inspiring piece of architecture that will enhance the image of Serlachius Art Museum globally and to provide a truly unique museum experience by connecting visitors with the art like never before. MANSION GÖSTA + EXTENSION = NEW MUSEUM ENTITY AND IDENTITY The design of the new extension is a 4,700 sqm extension composed of 4 floors and a basement. It is strategically positioned adjacent to the Serlachius Museum. This location allows for the architecture to emphasize the character of the existing institution while preserving much of the surrounding nature. A simple connecting entrance is formed in the space between the existing and the new building allowing for easy access between the two buildings. The new building will be the center of focus when arriving to the new Museum Courtyard while the old Mansion still maintains its position as a dominant in the landscape. View more View full description
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