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The position of Diagonal ZeroZero Tower is exceptional: it is located at the origin of Diagonal, Barcelona's main avenue; it is very visible from the city and from the coast; and it lays on the border between the consolidated city and the large expanses of public space in the Forum area. Its immediate surroundings consist of isolated buildings in a diverse context of different scales and uses that generate at the same time a metropolitan center and a local neighborhood still in formation. It is a contextual tower that has a double reading, from near and afar, in response to the two scales that such tall buildings must address. Taking the urban directions that form the perimeter of the plot as generators of its form, it is a trapezoidal prism, sharp and stylized, a clean and serene form, whitish and light, which reveals dynamic volumes that respond to the different specificities of the interior program and relate to the various heights of nearby buildings. The exterior responds to the city and the view from afar, and the interior responds to the program and the close-up vision. View more View full description
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