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OPUS is a brand specializing in purse hangers, which can be placed securely on the edge of the table to hang your purse, hence free up space at the table and on the seats, and free up your hands for more activities. OPUS Taipei is the first shop for the brand and was designed to be a multi-purpose space that can be used for meetings, product launches as well as a retail store. OPUS Taipei is located in the city’s fashion district. The previous use for this location was a garage and the space was converted into a small storefront during the economic recession. The store is merely 2.3 meters wide and 4.5 meters long, which is about 10.5 square meters and is a very petite space. To overcome the size limitation of the store, we designed a perspective illusion by painting yellow color blocks (using OPUS' signature color) on white walls to create the impression of a deeper and wider space. The rhythmic yellow blocks run along the two opposite walls of the store and converged into a horizontal line on the back wall which is highlighted with a clock custom-designed by us. View more View full description
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