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Architect Djordje Alfirevic shared with us his proposal for the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade, Serbia which promotes an idea of visual and functional merging of the newly designed part with the existing Beton Hala building. The design team consisted in Djordje Alfirevic, M.Phil., Dusan Trifunovic, M.Arch, Petar Tufegdzic, M.Arch, Djordje Nikolic, M.Arch, Milica Vujosevic,M.Arch, Bojana Stankovic, M.Arch. In addition, this design aims to create a unique center for exhibition and commercial use in the city which also communicates, in a mimetic way, with the Kalemegdan fortress and Sava river’s waterfront. More images and architect’s description after the break. The building design draws inspiration from the contextual specifics of the waterfront area (Sava river flow characteristics, old city ambient of Kosančićev venac and Kalemegdan fortress with its park), from which main design motives are abstracted including flows, curves, water, beach, park. In this way, the project represents an extension and completion of the existing undefined ambient and nourishes and emphasizes its recognized values. View more View full description
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