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The site of the Mebius house is located ten minutes away from Kamakura. To the West it is surrounded by a mountain range. To the South and East are an Urbanization Control Area. This restricts all future building in those areas. Thus the promise of unspoiled surrounding greenery made for a highly appealing site. “ A space where one can feel nature and a living space suited to a couple with a pet rabbit .“ These were Atelier Tekuto clients’ key words, and with that Atelier Tekuto proceeded to design the Mebius house. Though the rough terrain did pose some problems. The mountains to the south restricted the amount of sunlight that could penetrate the house in winter. Uneven land posed challenges to how construction could be carried out. Atelier Tekuto based their design on various rhythms and wavelengths, such as those of the sun, lunar cycles, plant life and human cycles. View more View full description
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