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This housing and commercial mix-use building complex is located in the heart of Osaka city. This narrow site is overlooking a park, with both the north and south side of the site facing the road. With a low-rise temple situated to the west, allows for the building to openly connect with the city in three directions. In order to take advantage of this unique site condition, we have used vast amount of glass to the west façade for the building to further open to the city. The upper floors of the 26 housing units are composed of 7 different unit patterns. The façade panels that package the units is a direct reflection of the programs of each unit, as glass or concrete panels are appropriately placed. As such, the building has opened up for the units to enjoy greater views with abundant natural light simultaneously creating a sense of openness to the posh community filled with fashionable shops. We assess that it is better for the community in the long run to have an appealing façade rather than a typical urban building here wrapped with blank walls and no windows. View more View full description
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