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The architecture of this new crematorium seeks to meet both the functional and emotional needs of cremations. This involves creating spaces with dignity for relatives who choose to follow the deceased until the cremation. It also means creating spaces of dignity for the staff that confirms the importance of their work. The crematorium has a relatively high degree of transparency and visibility, to create a good workspace and to make the crematorium a reference for the people in the region. A balance between dignity, calmness and visibility is sought maintained on a site with high noise exposure due to its closeness to a highway. A beautiful beech forest is fringing the site to the south. The building's location along the forest boundary forms an outdoor space sheltered from noise and visibility from the highway. The proximity to the forest gives peace and natural qualities to the access for relatives. There are large windows facing the forest in the rooms both for relatives and staff. The cremation space and the rooms for relatives have doors out to the forest where one can retreat and get some air. View more View full description
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