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Located in a blighted area of Omaha, Nebraska, USA and abandoned for over two years, a former Hollywood Video retail store was purchased by SAC Federal Credit Union (SACFCU) with the goal of converting the building and site into a branch office. It was important to SACFCU that the building be a beacon of encouragement for growth within the community, and to present themselves as a dedicated partner to the entire area. Given the task of converting the building into a fully-functional branch, LEO A DALY's design team set forth to provide a functional and sustainable project that transforms the existing building beyond the little big-box. During the design process, it was important to the design team that the existing building be modified to create a new connection with the community while also serving as a functional transformation for the Credit Union; transform to sustain, add to extend. Needing only 2,800 SF of the original 5,000 SF for the interior program, the decision was made to "blow through" the existing building to create a drive-thru, eliminating the need for an additional drive-up canopy, thus reducing the amount of added materials needed for construction. The northwest corner was "eroded," allowing a protected entry element while connecting the building to pedestrian traffic. The original storefront glass was heavily tinted and the framing was damaged in several areas, so new storefront systems were installed with clear glass to take advantage of natural daylight and increase visibility for the employees working at the branch. A new window was added on the north elevation with the addition of a conference room to the program. View more View full description
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