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Horno³: Museo del Acero (the “Furnace #3 Steel Museum”) in Monterrey, Mexico, comprises a restoration of derelict 1960’s blast furnace and a new wing providing additional gallery space and museum facilities. The museum chronicles the industrial history of this northern city, which for much of the 20th century was renowned for its steel production. Prior to its conversion to a museum, the abandoned blast furnace had stood as a poignant 80m high reminder of the hard working past of this city which has since moved on to embrace high-tech industries. The architectural challenge was to balance sensitive historic preservation against the requirement for a dynamic new symbol in its changed context, the surrounding steelworks having been converted recently into a public park. The new building needed to be inclusive and one that the older generations who worked at the former plant and their children and grandchildren would feel represented their proud history while looking forward to the future. View more View full description
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