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Towards the end of the 19th century, every self-respecting city erected what it considered to be its biggest and best hotel. It was usually named Grand Hotel and was more often than not paid for out of the private pockets of wealthy barons. These hotels are often still in use today and have a charm that maybe only a century-old ideal of quality can give. Today, such barons are rare and modern times do not allow an armada of Italian stucco carvers and French cabinet-makers to be called in. But is this why today’s boutique- and design hotels seldom succeed in creating a worthy equivalent to the atmosphere that pervades classic 19th century interiors? Could it be the difference in style ideals; Neoclassicism versus Modernism? Or is it something else that is being missed? These were some of the thoughts we had concerning what sort of interior spaces we wanted to create at Nobis Hotel. Amongst other things we concluded that an uncompromising attitude together with a certain amount of eccentricity was necessary. No detail was less important than another. And matching is not about an ever-present, repeated furniture model or colour rather it is about a consolidated personal selection. View more View full description
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