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The conceptual framework for this house was one of ‘house as landscape’. We set out to design a house that would have a topography and where activities and functions were acted out on a terrain that flowed and folded and hinged the various levels and spaces of the house. The roof to the lower ground garage would be turfed and a garden would extend from children's bedrooms ramping down to lower gardens and undercroft play areas that doubled as parking spaces. a circuit of movement was created throughout the house flowing internally and externally vertically and horizontally, providing a dynamic and fluidity to the plan. Parallel to this was a philosophy of allowing forms to be determined by the forces of site, context, client, and authorities. An approach was set early in the design process to see what the council control plans would create if allowed. Envelope controls determined the form and outline with view corridors determining steps and cutouts in roof and wall forms. Context and heritage character statements determined finishes and detail. View more View full description
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