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To express the essence of Yamaha’s brand, Japan’s leading general musical instrument manufacturer, and materialize its architectural design, the basic themes of this architecture are set out to be “a building that exudes the feel of sound and music” and “the union of tradition and innovation”. To achieve the building’s concept image, which is a woodwind instrument that is placed inside a glass showcase, the connected three atrium spaces facing the streets are finished by wooden materials with curved moldings that resemble woodwind instruments. The façade of the building is composed of the diagonal grid expressing the fluidity of music, and the gold-leaf laminated glasses scattered in a random pattern expressing the brass instruments. With this façade, a number of musical senses are tried to be expressed in this architecture: a sparkling and shifting sense of sound, a rhythm, and a sense of constant change through time. Gold-leaf laminated glass, which was made by sandwiching Japanese traditional craftsman’s gold dust between high-translucency glasses using modern technologies, represents Japanese images, in addition to an image of brass instruments. By hanging these gold-leaf laminated glasses with the diagonal cable-grid system, a new type of curtain wall like stained glasses was developed. View more View full description
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