Tangram Theatre Second Prize Winning Proposal / Gras Arquitectos

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With the city of , China lacking their own identity, Gras Arquitectos aims to create a presence and scale with their Tangram Theatre, which won the second prize in the international competition. This mutual need can enable the creation of a new urban icon, an item that addresses a new identity to the city. Historically, the icon of Chinese cities is the pagoda: from the forbidden city to the unknown monument in rural China. The architects intend to create a theatre that becomes a sort of pagoda, icon for the city. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Mixed Use Center in Zhangjiagang / ATKINS

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ATKINS Shanghai has recently completed the design concept for a future skyscraper/mixed use center for the future central business district of , . Additional renderings, plans and a description from the architects can be found after the jump.