“Janko Gredelj” Area Mixed Use Design / Hrvoje Sedlić

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Hrvoje Sedlić shared with us a proposal for a mixed use design in an industrial area in .The project site is on the east part of Zagreb`s horizontal axis. It`s located next to an industrial area of “Janko Gredelj”, but due to a ghetto type organization of that still active industry (a big wall surrounding it), these two spaces were never perceived as one. But like any other industry infrastructure being so close to the city center, it will be dislocated . At that moment, a huge amount of space (20 ha) is opened to be integrated to the city, with a size potential to house any activity and content. More images and project description after the break.

Spectator Group’s Headquarters / Studio Up

© Robert Leš

Architects: Studio Up / Lea Pelivan + Toma Plejić
Location: ,
Project Year: 2009
Project Area: 5,300 sqm
Photographs: Robert Leš


Courtesy of DVA Arhitekta

Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 590 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of DVA Arhitekta

Think Space: Unconference – ‛Beyond the Borders’

Courtesy of

Zagreb Society of Architects is opening the call for the final event of the annual cycle of The Borders competitions. They are inviting you to the First Think Space Unconference – ‛Beyond the Borders’ on November 18 – 20 in Lauba House, People and Art House, Zagreb, .

Following the four rounds of the conceptual architectural competitions, the final event will be organized together with an award ceremony and exhibition of projects submitted during the architectural competitions in the Think Space Program. Conceived as a series of highly interactive sessions for 300 participants who will lively discuss the topics from the competitions, the final event is planned in the form of the unconference. More information on the event after the break.

Sick Childcare Home Proposal / AVP_arhitekti

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Within the location from which the project for the sick childcare home is designed, considering the delicate topic, the basic concept of AVP_arhitekti‘s design is site. All other concepts (space, building, construction, physical production, form design) are subject to that basic concept and are obliged to support it. Attention is directed to the welfare of children. Spaces, materials, and organizational schemes are designed to support the general atmosphere of tranquility, security, comfort, safe internal communication, linked external and internal spaces and intimate courtyards.

The project thus possesses a modest significance of the preferred construction system, unusual geometry and coerced approach to plot which at the end are those (heavy, external) factors on which the concept is tested and detailed to a mathematical precision. More images and project description after the break.

Strojarska Business Center Proposal / SANGRAD Architects & AVP_Arhitekti

Courtesy of AVP_Arhitekti

The project’s site is located within the boundaries of the southern part of which is divided by the national railway. In many ways, this site was thought as part of the new city urban concept. There are two important facts: the position on the margins of the traditional lower City and the structural composition and reference within the future new City. Both in this case determine the composition and character of the project, designed by & AVP_Arhitekti. By raising or lowering the railway, several possibilities are opened in terms of linking the site with the central and northern part of the City. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Sopot Business Centre / Urbane Tehnike

© Freya

Sopot Business Centre by Urbane Tehnike won 1st prize in the competition for  the business complex project in the center of , Zagreb, .  The concept is for the design of a simple glass cube, structured within the surface of prisms which is visually manipulated by its context. From the urban planning point of view, the cube is derived from the constant movement along the avenues and the silhouette of the city beyond.

More on this project after the break.

Sopot Business Center / Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o.

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Sopot Business Center by Studio za arhitekturu d.o.o. is the 2nd Prize winner of a competition for  , Croatia.  It features a dynamic assortment of spaces that shift in section creating distinct open spaces that provide connections through the various parts of the complex.

More on this project after the break.

Green Pavilion Restaurant / 3LHD

Courtesy of

Croatian architects 3LHD shared with us their project Green Pavilion Restaurant, for which they received first prize in an invited competition during last year. More images and architect’s description after the break.

Downtown Apartment In Zagreb / Dva Arhitekta d.o.o.

© Robert Leš

Architects: Dva Arhitekta d.o.o. – Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić
Location: ,
Collaborator: Barbara Vuković
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Robert Leš

Square in Space / Ivan Filipivoc

Courtesy of

Ivan Filipivoc has shared with us this preliminary project for a crafts center in Zagreb, . Deriving its inspiration from one of the oldest crafts – blacksmithing, the architecture bears a strong symbolism to this act of making.

More on the project after the break.

Podfuscak Residence / Dva Arhitekta

© Robert Leš

Architects: Tomislav Ćurković, Zoran Zidarić / Dva Arhitekta
Location: ,
Client: Damir Sabol
Collaborator: Maja Markus
Project area: 774 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Robert Leš

Paromlin Baths / NFO

Courtesy of NFO

Croatian architects NFO shared with us their first prize project for the international competition in the location of an old steam mill in , . More images and architect’s description after the break.

Zadar Library / SANGRAD architects and AVP_arhitekti

Courtesy of

Vedran Pedišić, (SANGRAD architects), Emil Špirić, Erick Velasco Farrera and Juan Jose Nunez Andrade (AVP_arhitekti) have submitted their competition proposal for the Library in Zagreb, Croatia. The project received was awarded with an honorable mention. Images of the proposal and the architect’s description after the break.

Zagreb Crafts Centre / SANGRAD architects and AVP_arhitekti

Courtesy of AVP_arhitekti

Vedran Pedišić, Mladen Hofmann (), and Emil Špirić and Erick Velasco Farrera (AVP_arhitekti) shared with us their winning proposal for the New Crafts Centre Competition in Croatia. The architects presented an introverted island organized around the central public communications and spaces.

See more images and architect’s description after the break.

Za(breg) 2012 / njiric+ arhitekti

njiric+ arhitekti‘s design for a large stadium has been nicknamed as the “Blue Volcano” by the public and the press, an overwhelming built form that creates a presence in the city, a new landmark for the area.  The stadium was conceived not as a building typology but rather as a topography. Using the natural undulation of the landscape, the new civic arena is housed within an artificial hill made of recycled rubber and blue pigment sprayed onto corrugated aluminium sheets.

More about the stadium after the break.

Adris Group Building / Randić & Turato


Randić & Turato shared their competition entry for the new Adris Group headquarters in .   The architects investigated corporate office typology and its ability to generate public space when designing the proposal.  ”Instead of building a structure on the perimeter of the block, that creates a characteristic configuration with public street on the outside and enclosed private court on the inside,  the concept raises the program in a structure that hovers over the existing block,” explained the architects.  In this way, the ground floor is completely accessible to the public creating a covered square below the new office building.   The structure is supported by our sets of large steel columns that hold the building’s independent geometries. Each of these “legs” are programmed with ground level activities while the offices are organized within a horizontal framing structure.

More about the design after the break.

Croatia: CIP Talks and new architecture

Zamet Center / 3LHD
Zamet Center / 3LHD

During these days I´m in , Croatia, participating at CIP Talks 2009, an architecture conference organized by CIP Magazine. The list of lecturers at the conference include renowned architects, such as  Mauricio Pezo & Sofía von Ellrichshausen (PvE), Jan Neutelings (Neutelings & Riedjik), Mark Lee (Johnston & MarkLee, interview here), Shohei Shigematsu (OMA, interview here), Carme Pinós, Arnaud Billard (Transsolar), Mikkel Frost (CEBRA), STUDIO UP (winners of the Emerging Architect MvE Award with their Gymnasium), Joseph Grima (Director of the Storefront Gallery, interview here), among other european and US architects.

Also, during these days we find the Croatian Architectural Triennale, the launch of Pogledaj.to a new local website for architecture, a new book on Croatian architecture, the opening of a new pavilion on the center of the city… an intense dose of architecture that we will be reporting during the following days.

Pope John Paul II Chapel / Randic Turato
Pope John Paul II Chapel / Randic Turato

I will be visiting and interviewing local practices such as 3LHDRandic TuratoStudio UPNjiric + Njiric, and more, to bring you more and more projects.

Yesterday I went to the coastal city of Rijeka, and visited three interesting projects by 3LHD and Randic Turato. See the photographs after the break, and expect the usual complete posting with all the info on these projects sometime during this week.