Disaster Ready Housing / Y/N Studio

As highly destructive storms are becoming increasingly likely – take note from the recent Hurricane Sandy that ravaged the Atlantic Coast – [Y/N] Studio proposes a look at our response to disaster and its potential to increase community cohesion and urban regeneration.  Sustainable design has rightfully become an essential consideration of design, but natural disasters remind us that resistant design, sometimes at odds with our sustainable goals, also have a place in the discussion.  Disaster Ready housing offers an architectural scenario of precautionary measures offering protection for many types of threats.

Lido Line Competition Entry / [Y/N] Studio

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Designed for the Landscape Institute Ideas Competition for a ‘Highline for ’, the Lido Line proposal is a clean, safe ‘basin’ in which to swim. Designed by [Y/N] Studio, the project flips the Regents Canal back to its original purpose, connecting raw materials (people/workers) to the place of production, making swimming a viable alternative to cycling or walking to work. The Lido Line would form a new network for London, making existing spaces greater than the sum of their parts, rather than blindly multiplying under-used, functionless ‘green space’. More images and architects’ description after the break.

The London ‘LidoLine’ – Swim to Work on Y/N Studio’s Proposal

Courtesy of [Y/N] Studio
[Y/N] studio has an exciting new proposition for you if you happen to live in , England, near the Regents Canal called LidoLine.  If you are tired of public or bored of walking or cycling to work, [Y/N] studio suggests swimming to work along one of London’s canals. The ambitious project, runner-up in the 2012 Landscape Institute Ideas Competition of London, has many unresolved considerations, but the fundamental desire to reinvigorate and address the potential of public space along London’s canals is certainly admirable.  Being a bit far-fetched, the design has rallied a few criticisms, but let’s consider what the project really addresses.

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