Architecture City Guide: Madrid

This week, with the help of our readers, our Architecture City Guide is headed to Madrid. As the third largest city in the European Union, Madrid is the economic and political capital of . The streets and neighborhoods for the most part remains historic, but the city is punctuated with moments of engaging and interesting contemporary architecture. For those who have followed our city guides, you will have noticed that this is our second stop in . That said, Madrid is distinctly different from Barcelona. The differences between the two are manifested in their architecture, both old and new. Our lists only cover relatively recent projects, but a quick glance at the two will give you a sense of the differing cultures and lifestyles (Barcelona’s City Guide). Both lists are far from complete and we are looking to add to them in the near future. In the meantime add more of your favorites to the comment section below.

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The Architecture City Guide: Madrid list and corresponding map after the break.

Abengoa Tecnological Campus Palmas Altas / RSH+P & Vidal y Asociados arquitectos

© Victor Sajara

Architects: Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners & Vidal y Asociados arquitectos
Location: Sevilla,
Project Team: María Álvarez-Santullano, María Astiaso, David Ávila, Stephen Barrett, Almudena de Benito, Jean-Pierre Casillas, Pablo Codesido, Luis Colino, Eva Couto, Esther Crespo, Marta Cumellas, Ana Belén Franco, Jason García, Claudia García-Nieto, Isabel Gil, Lennart Grut, Ivan Harbour, Carolina Hernández, Amarjit Kalsi, Verónica van Kesteren, Juan Laguna, Carmen Márquez, Irene Méndez, Mariola Merino, Héctor Orden, María Ortega, Javier Palacios, Almudena Pérez, Bárbara Pérez, David Pérez, Naira Pérez, Sonia Pérez, Martina Rauhut, Richard Rogers, Irene Rojo, Roberta Sartori, Amelia Seisdedos, Gentaro Shimada, Simon Smithson, David Sobrino, Graham Stirk, Oscar Torrejón, Paloma Uriel, Josefina Vago, Laura Vega, Luis Vidal, Laura Villa
Client: Centro Tecnológico Palmas Altas S.A.
Engineering: ARUP
Quantity surveyor: D-Fine
Project Area: 96,000 sqm
Budget: $132,000,000 Euro
Design Year: 2005-2009
Construction Year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Víctor Sájara