Mesterfjellet 1-10 School and Family Centre / CEBRA

© Mikkel Frost

Architects: CEBRA, SPINN Arkitekter, Various Architects
Location: ,
Area: 6000.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Mikkel Frost, Jiri Havran

Piraeus Museum for Underwater Antiquities Competition Entry / Various Architects

Courtesy of Khvil Anastasia, Ivanova Elena, Fadeeva Alina, Rudikov Aleksei, and Spiridon Mellos

The collaborative team of architects Khvil Anastasia, Ivanova Elena, Fadeeva Alina, Rudikov Aleksei, and Spiridon Mellos chose simplicity as their main strategy in the  Museum for Underwater Antiquities Competition. Without creatingenormous change, their design aims to use only what is already there, emphasizing simplicity and industrial nature of the building and beauty of the place to create a complex travel route. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Mesterfjellet School / Cebra, Various Architects, and Østengen & Bergo

aerial view : © / Various Architects / Østengen & Bergo

Young, promising architects Cebra (more projects here), Various Architects (more projects here), and Østengen & Bergo (more projects here) shared with us their competition proposal where they won the first prize. Their “relativity” concept for the Mesterfjellet School creates a unique experience for Larvik, , designed around the user’s room program, site conditions and functional specifications to cultivate a positive learning environment. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Nørvasund School Competition entry / Various Architects + Kant Arkitekter + Grindaker Landksapsarkitekter

© + + Grindaker Landksapsarkitekter

Update: We wrongly featured this entry as the winning design for this competition. The winning entry can be found here.

Various Architects,  together with Kant Arkitekter and landscape architects Grindaker Landksapsarkitekter, shared their entry for a competition to design a new school for 1st – 7th grade students in Norway. Their proposal is an energy-efficient and space-effective building that integrates the school’s complex functional needs onto a suburban site. The compact design creates dynamic learning spaces for children, and from a sustainable standpoint, the design is set to achieve passivhaus standard due to its well insulated body.

More about their entry after the break.

Skagen ØKOntor: Norway’s most efficient office building by Various Architects

Night view  © Various Architects
Night view ©

While world leaders get together in Copenhagen for COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, our friends from Various Architects share with us a very interesting project, that is also a statement addressing sustainability in office buildings.

Skagen ØKOntor is currently the most sustainable office building currently planned in Norway.

Developed together with engineers from Ramboll UK in Bristol and Pollen Architecture in Austin, TX, the project is also a showcase of concepts that can be applied elsewhere in the Nordic countries as you will see on the diagrams and project description below.

Rendering  © Various Architects
Rendering © Various Architects

I´m very happy to see architects speaking through their projects, reacting to what is currently being debated these days and that has a lot to do with our profession.

Various Architects and believe that the ØKOntor project demonstrates that architects, engineers, and developers of new office buildings should push harder to develop highly energy efficient buildings with a zero net-carbon construction. We should not accept the minimum reductions required by law as standards, but should see them as a challenge to do better. Good luck to the COP15 representatives.

Project description and images after the break:

Various Architects’ proposal for Tingvalla Utstikkeren

Various Architects from Norway recently shared their entry for the which was organized by the Norwegian Property (NPRO). The competition asked participants to design a new restaurant and service building at the Tingvallautsikkeren, part of the popular Aker Brygge waterfront in Oslo.  Various Architect’s proposal created a new public destination that would attract users throughout the seasons by providing an interesting public space, as well as space for a restaurant.

More images and information about the proposal after the break.

The Yorkshire Diamond / Various Architects

Our friends at Various Architects, authors of the innovative Mobile Performance Venue,  just shared with us a new inflatable project, currently running up for the Yorkshire Renaissance Pavilion competition. From a total of 87 submissions, the jury selected 5 projects and then narrowed down to 3 finalists. Final results aren´t announced yet – we´ll keep you posted on that.

Their project, named “The Yorkshire Diamond“, has a very particular structure with inflatable tubes forming a diamond-lattice structure, forming a box with an excavated interior, which allows for different configurations.

The architect´s description:

Mobile Performance Venue / Various Architects

Various Architects is a collaborative design office based in , and they shared with us a very innovative project: a Mobile Performance Venue. Designed to host the performance “ID – Identity of the soul” (touring worldwide in 2009), the client requested a unique and iconic structure. Also, this venue needs to be mobile, so volume/weight were key on this design developed as a flexible ellipse structured with aluminium frames and an inflatable hexagonal skin.

Once built, it will be the world´s largest mobile performance venue, fitting on 30 standard containers for shipping.

Can´t wait till 2009 to see it? Be sure to check the test inflation of a  full scale mock-up, a preview of how it will look like when finished. Below, project description, plans and renderings. Thanks to Jim Dodson from VA for sending this in.