WMS Boathouse at Clark Park / Studio Gang Architects

© Steve Hall Hedrich Blessing

Architects: Studio Gang Architects
Location: 3400 North Rockwell Street, , IL 60618, USA
Area: 22620 sq ft
Year: 2013
Photographs: Steve Hall Hedrich Blessing

Quarry House / Marina Rubina

© Todd Mason / Halkin Mason Photography

Architects: Marina Rubina
Location: , NJ 08542, USA
Year: 2012
Photographs: Todd Mason / Halkin Mason Photography

C-House / Robert Maschke Architects

© Eric Hanson

Architects: Robert Maschke Architects
Location: , OH, USA
Design Team: Robert Maschke, FAIA, Marc Manack, AIA, Charlie Able, Charles Chambers, Matt Lindsay, Katarina Striezova, Kurt Weaver, AIA
Structural Engineer: I.A. Lewin, P.E. and Associates
Landscape Architect And Civil Engineer: Environmental Design Group
Mep Engineer: Denk Associates, Inc
Area: 3761.0 ft2
Year: 2008
Photographs: Eric Hanson

Bezos Center for Innovation / Olson Kundig Architects

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Olson Kundig Architects
Location: 860 Terry Avenue North, , WA 98109, USA
Architect In Charge: Alan Maskin
Project Manager: Stephen Yamada-Heidner
Project Architect: Marlene Chen
Project Staff: Simon Clews
Year: 2013
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

Tsunami House / Designs Northwest Architect

© Lucas Henning

Architects: Designs Northwest Architect
Location: Camano Island, , USA
Architect In Charge: Dan Nelson, Tom Rochon
Structural Engineer: Jason Lindquist
Interior Design: H2K Design: Garrett Khulman and Wendy Kennedy
Landscape Design: Scott Lankford
Area: 3140.0 sqm
Photographs: Lucas Henning

Car Park House / Anonymous Architects

© Steve King

Architects: Anonymous Architects
Location: Echo Park, , CA, USA
Architect In Charge: Simon Storey
Area: 1405.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Steve King

William Jones College Preparatory / Perkins+Will

© James Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

Architects: Perkins+Will
Location: , IL, USA
Leed: Pursuing Gold
Area: 278000.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: James Steinkamp, Steinkamp Photography

Tasting Room at Sokol Blosser Winery / Allied Works Architecture

© Jeremy Bitterman

Architects: Allied Works Architecture
Location: , OR 97115, USA
Area: 5700.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Jeremy Bitterman

Fendi Residence / rGlobe

© Emilio Collavino

Architects: rGlobe
Location: , FL, USA
Client: L.F. Fendi
Area: 8030.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Emilio Collavino

Three Firms Shortlisted for MLK Jr. Memorial Library Renovation

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library / Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Image © Flickr user Elvert Barnes

Three teams have been shortlisted from a longlist of ten for the renovation of DC’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library – the only library and D.C. building ever designed by Mies van der Rohe. The three competing teams are:

LF USA Womens Apparel Group / Spacesmith

© Paúl Rivera

Architects: Spacesmith
Architect In Charge: Jane Smith
Design Architect: Branko Pahor
Project Manager: Will Wong
Mep Engineer: Robert Derector Associates
Av Engineer: Robert Derector Telecommunications
General Contractor: Icon Interiors, Inc
Year: 2013
Photographs: Paúl Rivera, DFB Sales

Tower House / Benjamin Waechter Architect

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Benjamin Waechter Architect
Location: , OR, USA
Year: 2013
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

St. Elizabeths East Gateway Pavilion / Davis Brody Bond

© Eric Taylor

Architects: Davis Brody Bond
Location: , DC, USA
Architect In Charge: Peter Cook
Project Advisor: Will Paxson
Project Designer: Rob Anderson
Photographs: Eric Taylor

Oakley House / Benjamin Waechter Architect

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Benjamin Waechter Architect
Location: , OR, USA
Architect In Charge:
Year: 2013
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

Salem Harbor Station / COOKFOX


From the architect. The Salem Harbor , built between 1948 and 1951, is a coal fired power which occupies a 65-acre site in Salem, . One of the region’s dirtiest coal- and oil-burning power generators, the 748 megawatt station sits within the historical maritime hub of Salem’s waterfront. The facility is topped by three towering smokestacks that pierce the skyline, and can be seen from many parts of Salem as well as the neighboring communities of Beverly and Marblehead. 

Learn more about the station’s transformation after the break…

JC Raulston Arboretum Lath House / Frank Harmon Architect

Courtesy of

Architects: Frank Harmon Architect
Location: , NC, USA
Design Team: Frank Harmon, Will Lambeth
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Frank Harmon Architect

Janus House / Kennerly Architecture & Planning

© Bruce Damonte

Architects: Kennerly Architecture & Planning
Location: , CA, USA
Interior Design: Meg Hart Design
Area: 4,200 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Bruce Damonte

Boffo Building Fashion 2013 / Neiheiser & Valle

© Naho Kubota

Architects: Neiheiser & Valle
Location: , NY, USA
Collaborators: Focus Lighting, Boffo
Area: 640.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Naho Kubota , Evan Joseph , Courtesy of Neiheiser & Valle