Turkish Contractor’s Associaton HQ / AVCI Architects

© Yunus Özkazanç

Architects: AVCI Architects
Location: /Ankara Province, Turkey
Area: 7138.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Yunus Özkazanç

Tema Istanbul Showroom / Yazgan Design Architecture

© Yunuz Özkazanç

Architects: Yazgan Design Architecture
Location: Halkalı, 34200 / Province, Turkey
Employer: Mesa, Kantur-Akdaş, Artaş, Öztaş Joint Venture
Area: 1500.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Yunuz Özkazanç

Modsim / Yazgan Design Architecture

© Yunus Özkazanç

Architects: Yazgan Design Architecture
Location: Ankara/Ankara Province,
Architect In Charge: Kerem Yazgan, Burak Turgutoğlu
Area: 4100.0 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Yunus Özkazanç

Taegutec Office Building / Tago Architects

© Gurkan Akay

Architects: Tago Architects
Location: Kocaeli Province,
Design Team: Mevlüt Duymaz, Hakan Özbek, Müge Eker Eryarar, Müge Turgay, Emre Kurbak, Mete Kıyan, Coşkun Armağan, Yıldırım Akbulut
Collaborators: Trimline Office Panels
Area: 4000.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Gurkan Akay

Ankara Arena / Yazgan Design Architecture

© Yunus Özkazanç

Architects: Yazgan Design Architecture
Location: , Turkey
Design Consultants: Ersin Ersoy, Sport Concepts London
Interior Design:
Area: 55,000 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Yunus Özkazanç

Details Emerge on World’s Largest Airport Terminal in Istanbul


Grimshaw, Nordic Office of Architecture (Oslo) and Haptic Architects (London) have released details on what is expected to be the world’s busiest airport terminal: Grand Airport. Planned for the Black Sea coast, just 35 kilometers outside the city, the six-runway development, masterplanned by Arup, will serve as a modern gateway to and Turkey.

The first of the project’s four phases is slated for completion in 2018 and will serve 90 million passengers per year. Once all phases are complete, the airport’s capacity will expand to over 150 million annual passengers, making it the world’s largest airport terminal under a single roof.

“The Istanbul Grand Airport will be a modern, highly functional airport, with a unique sense of space,” described Nordic. “The airport is inspired by what makes Istanbul great: a large-scale, heaving metropolis with millennia of history, stunning architecture, both new and old, and a richness in color, patterns and quality of light.”

Trump Cadde / GAD

© Alp Eren

Architects: GAD
Location: Bereketzade Mh., Galata Tower, 34200 Beyoğlu/ Province,
Architectural Project & Design: Gokhan Avcioglu & GAD
Project Team: Jonas Kirsch, Derya Arpaç, Tahsin İnanici, Gökşen Güngör
Area: 1040.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Alp Eren

Gumus Su Villas / Cirakoglu Architects

© Cemal Emden

Architects: Cirakoglu Architects
Location: 48000 Gümüşlük,
Design Team: Alisan Cirakoglu, Ilgin Avci, Deniz Yazici, Asli Ingenc, Digdem Angin
Area: 389.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Cemal Emden

Venice Biennale 2014: Turkey to Explore “Places of Memory” in Istanbul

Places of Memory / Hafiza Mekanlari. Image © Ali Taptik

The İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Art (İKSV) has announced ’s first-ever participation in the Venice Architecture Biennale: “Places of Memory.” Comprised of the work of five contemporary Turkish artists, and curated by architect , the pavilion will aim to illustrate how a variety of 20th century architectural styles eventually evolved into a singe style throughout most of the contemporary world. 

Mersin Stadium / Bahadir Kul Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Bahadir Kul Architects
Location: Mersin,
Area: 75000.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Bahadir Kul Architects

Shortlisted Proposals for the Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition

Courtesy of Arkitera

As we announced yesterdayIND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company have won the Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition to design a 100-meter Observation and Broadcast Tower in Çanakkale, western Turkey (the first international competition in Turkey since 1997). The team beat out an impressive shortlist of eight architectural heavyweights, including Sou Fujimoto ArchitectsSnøhetta, and FR-EE/Fernando Romero Enterprise; see all their proposals, after the break.

Winner for the Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition Revealed

Courtesy of MIR

Beating out an impressive shortlist of architectural heavyweights, including Sou Fujimoto ArchitectsSnøhetta, and FR-EE/Fernando Romero EnterpriseIND [Inter.National.Design] + Powerhouse Company, in collaboration with ABT, have won the Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition to design a 100-meter Observation and Broadcast Tower for the historic city of Çanakkale in western Turkey.The tower will be completed in 2015, in time for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Galipoli.

Interestingly, this is the second design for an “iconic” we’ve seen this month; you can check out Smiljan Radic‘s winning design for the antenna tower that will alter the skyline of Santiago, Chile here. And read after the break for IND + ’s description of their winning design.

Kayseri Ice Ring / BKA-BahadırKulArchitects

© Ket Kolektif

Architects: BKA-BahadırKulArchitects
Location: /Kayseri Province, Turkey
Area: 2600.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Ket Kolektif, Courtesy of , Emre Mollaoglu

Antalya Aquarium / Bahadir Kul Architects

© Ket Kolektif

Architects: Bahadir Kul Architects
Location: ,
Client: Antalya Aquarium Company
Site Area: 30.000 m2
Area: 12000.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Ket Kolektif, Courtesy of Bahadir Kul Architects

Ziya Imren Wins Competition for Instanbul’s Beykoz School Complex


Ziya İmren Architects has recently won an invited for the design of the Beykoz School complex in Istanbul. The firm’s winning proposal distinguished itself by embedding its layout within the steep site’s natural surrounding and organizing school as a “cascading” hierarchy of spaces.

Özyeğin University Student Center / ARK-itecture

© Koral Oral

Architects: ARK-itecture
Location: 34794 Istanbul Province,
Interior Design: B-Design
Local Architect: B-Design
Design Team: Roger L. Klein AIA (Project Designer), Bulent Ergin Gungor (Architect of Record), Can Dagarslani (Project Architect), Baris Basat, Emre Gursoy, Nuran Erdogan, Ergun Kutluturk, Ece Seref, Turkan Dogan, Greg Taylor
Area: 22000.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Koral Oral

Marc Koehler and ONZ Design Massive, “Ultra-Modern” Campus in Turkey

View. Image Courtesy of Marc Koehler / ONZ Architects

Marc Koehler Architects, in collaboration with ONZ Architects, have recently won an invited competition for their design of the Campus in . Their winning proposal, described as “an asymmetrical star”, embodies excellence and is an endeavor to create the largest high school campus ever designed. Featuring laboratories, libraries, performance spaces, sports centers, a health centre, places of worship, dormitories and 29,000 square meters of educational spaces, the campus is expected to welcome 10,000 students.

Keypark / VEN Architecture

© Arda Ayderman–Özgür Özdemircan

Architects: VEN Architecture
Location: Ankara/Ankara Province,
Area: 21400.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Arda Ayderman–Özgür Özdemircan