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GSO Nürnberg Information Centre Competition Entry / Studio DMTW

The new information centre, designed by Studio DMTW, aims to be the central representative identification point in the overall context of the Georg-Simon-Ohm-Hochschule. With the program including a library with an open reading area, individual working spaces, and several seminar and meeting facilities, the design stipulates a clear structuring for all the functions with regard to both the outdoor areas and the new building itself. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Lausanne Planetarium Proposal / Studio DMTW

Studio DWTW shared with us their proposal for the Lausanne Planetarium Proposal which creates a place which is devoted to showing and sharing science. Their aim is to make a cultural contribution in the widest sense in a society which is characterized like no other by science and by the desire to understand our world and where we come from. As a result, their design invites visitors to find out about and actively experience themes and correlations that exist within nature, research of space and nature poses a particular challenge. For this very reason, a task of this nature demands due respect, which is successfully demonstrated here. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Church in Våler Proposal / Studio DMTW

Compared to the design of a secular building, where the focus primarily lies on the programmatically and functional aspects, Studio DMTW believes a church has additive characteristics which need to be considered. Their design combines both the history of the place and all requirements that are imposed on a contemporary church with a high symbolic value and aesthetics and is thus entitled to the new living center for the Våler community. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Hippodrome de Longchamp Proposal / Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW

Courtesy of Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW
Courtesy of Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW

Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW, in collaboration with Tilke & Partners, shared with us their third prize winning design for the Longchamp racetrack in Paris, France. One of the main aspects of their design is to understand each new structure as a solitary sculpture within the park to respect the landscape and nature of the Bois de Boulogne. Therefore it was very important to conserve as much of the spectacular mature trees as possible. In that sense, the design is aimed to maximize clear open moving space within that park. Consequently, the ground floor of the Grandstand was designed to be as open as possible to aids the visitors between the track and the betting halls, and also to achieve logical circulation between all functions within the site. More images and project description after the break.

Canton School Chur Proposal / Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW

The building authority of the canton Graubünden set up a competition for an extension of the local school complex in Chur, including a new media centre (‘Mediothek’), a cafeteria and an additional building for new lecture halls. In order to comply with the given space allocation plan this design, by Marc Anton Dahmen & Studio DMTW, allots two separate parts of the envisaged structure. All functions of the cafeteria and ‘Mediothek’ are combined in a single building which is located directly at the assemblage point between the already existing lecture facilities (Cleric & Bio Cleric), the sports facilities Badi Sand, and the planned new connection with the institutions sitting (among others Kanti Halde). The second building hosts the new lecture halls and complements the presently existing ensemble consisting of the Cleric and Bio-Cleric enhancing the schoolyard’s fourth spatial edge. More images and architects’ description after the break.