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Operalab Theatre Pavilion Competition Entry / Studio Alfirevic

Designed by Studio Alfirevic, their proposal for the Operalab Theatre Pavilion competition represents ‘live’ theater, in which different performances and experiments take place in the field of art. The suggested position of the pavilion is in the fringe area of the park, in the direct vicinity of the building of the Great Theater. The circular form of the pavilion is a subtle response to the conditions of the natural environment and it allows an equal visual experience from all sides. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Raft '4U' - Cafe Restaurant / Studio Alfirevic

The main idea for the Raft ’4U’ cafe restaurant was to create a pleasant environment, like staying under the shadow of a tree, but also above water. Designed by Studio Alfirevic, the raft represents an extension of the riverbank. The atrium space is the central motif, with elements of the natural environment such as birch, stone, grass, etc. The spatial organization consists of the main entrance, wardrobe with toilets, café-restaurant with atrium and bar with storage space. More images and architects’ description after the break.