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Straddling Bus / Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment

There are few things that are more annoying than sitting in bummer to bummer traffic.  Yet, as cities are expanding at rapid rates, our infrastructure simply cannot support the number of people, and so congestion becomes an every day obstacle we have to face.   As Bettina Wassener reported for the New York Times, for one China-based company, Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment,  the vicious cycle of a growing population which leads to more vehicles – and hence, more traffic – needed to be addressed.   And, along came their  super functional, extra-wide (20 ft) and extra-tall ‘Straddling Bus’.  The vehicle runs along fixed tracks and its main compartment is elevated to leave the street clear for cars driving underneath.   Plus, the vehicle is partially powered by the sun via panels on the roof and at bus stops. More about the Straddling Bus after the break.