Oberfeld Residence / SPF Architects

© John Linden

Architects: SPF:a
Location: West Hollywood, CA,
Design Principal: Zoltan Pali
Principal: Judy Fekete
Project Manager: Anupama Mann
Collaborators: Matt Lunn, Mark Meyer, Yvonne Wong , Jamie Heitner
Structural Engineer: Norman Epstein
MEP Engineers: John Gautrey/ IBE Consulting Engineers
Landscape Engineers: Andrea Cochran/ Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture
Project Area: 10,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: John Linden

Caverhill Residence / SPF Architects

Architects: Studio Pali Fekete architects
Location: , CA,
Project Team: Zoltan Pali, FAIA, Judit Fekete, Siddhartha Majumdar, Brian Di Maggio, Mark Meyer, Matt Lunn, Yvonne Wong, Gregory Fischer, Richard McNamara
Structural Engineer: John Labib and Associates
Landscape Architect: Korn Randloph Landscape Architects
Contractor: William Kent Development Inc.
Project Area: 418 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: John E. Linden

National Music Center / SPF Architects

Rendering By-Encore

Culver City, based firm, SPF Architects recently presented their design concept for the Cantos National Music Center for .  The project is “seen by many as one of the country’s most ambitious and important urban-design projects.”  Located in the center of , the new music center will not only focus on performance areas but will become more of a cultural space as it will be “part museum and part education.”

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Zhuhai Opera House / SPF architects

SPF Architects, based in Culver City, California, have created an design for the Zhuhai Opera House in , China.  Learning from the traditional principles of the region,  the opera house’s form gives the appearance of stacked pebbles.  Such an idea was conceived as a way to create a visual balance based on the Chinese principle from the five element theory.   The opera house has three stacked levels that provide varying programmatic activities, such as a 1500 seat auditorium, large plaza gathering space, rehearsal hall, restaurants and other public amenities.  A forest behind the structure gives the impression of growth and sustainability. 

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