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Haus der Zukunft ('House of the Future') Competition Entry / Dietmar Köring, Simon Takasaki, EyeTry

Designed by Dietmar Köring, Simon Takasaki and EyeTry, the proposal for the Haus der Zukunft (‘House of the Future’) responds to Berlin’s strict urban context: the concept of the “urban block” is touched upon and developed further. The building is partially lifted off the ground, and takes up the general building height of common Berlin housing. The fluid ground floor concept takes users into the open and dynamic spaces of the building’s interior. The urban block features three-dimensional cuts on the side facing the park, which creates a contemporary, clear structure, blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior. More images and designers’ description after the break.

EVERREST / Simon Takasaki

Courtesy of Simon Takasaki
Courtesy of Simon Takasaki

Simon Takasaki shared with us his competition entry for a monument in Duhamel, Germany. Holding the path of the history of the place and its use to its open, undefined future, the 30 meter high walk-in sculpture is characterized by the special treatment of the history of the site and the end of the mining industry. More images and architect’s description after the break.