Gehry’s donation to SCI-Arc endows annual thesis prize

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SCI-Arc Trustee Frank Gehry and his wife, Berta, have donated $100,000 to the Southern Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). The noteworthy contribution will go towards the establishment of the , which will be annually awarded to the best thesis projects selected by critics and jurors at the Graduate Thesis Weekend hosted in September. The first will be awarded at the 2012 graduation ceremony on September 9th.

The entire school community, including students, faculty, staff, administration and board, is extremely appreciative of this extraordinary gift to SCI-Arc,” said SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss. “Thanks to this contribution, we can warranty that SCI-Arc’s advocacy for architecture as a rousing, speculative adventure will endure.”

The Pritzker Prize laureate’s generous giving hasn’t been the only thing making headlines lately. Check out the latest on Gehry’s controversial design for the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington and the details on his new partnership with Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg.

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SCI-Arc’s Ball-Nogues Studio Installation + 2×8: Taut Exhibitions

Yevrus 1, Negative Impression / Courtesy of Ball-Nogues Studio

SCI-Arc will be presenting two main exhibitions this upcoming month. The Ball-Nogues Studio: Vevrus 1, Negative Impression exhibition starting June 1 until July 8 that will host Benjamin Ball, Gaston Nogues and Hsinming Fung to discuss the installation on Monday, June 25 at 7pm. The site specific installation is a disposable architecture of literal references that calls into question the contemporary architectural vogue for digital complexity and abstraction. The cast impressions of 1973 Volkswagen Beetles and speedboats unite to form a strong structural whole that serves as a lookout tower. Then, two projects by students will be featured this year at the AIA LA hosted 2×8 exhibition, opening June 5, 6-9pm at the A+D Museum in . Fore more information on the events, please visit here.

Ball-Nogues Studio “Yevrus 1, Negative Impression” Exhibition

Courtesy of Ball-Nogues Studio

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to present “Yevrus 1, Negative Impression,” an installation designed for the SCI-Arc Gallery by alumni Benjamin Ball (B.Arch ‘03) and Gaston Nogues (B.Arch ‘94) of -based Ball-Nogues Studio, opening June 1 and running until July 8 at SCI-Arc.

Constructed from non-architectural artifacts, Yevrus 1, Negative Impression is a disposable architecture of literal references that calls into question the contemporary architectural vogue for digital complexity and abstraction. The cast impressions of 1973 Volkswagen Beetles and speedboats unite to form a strong structural whole that serves as a lookout tower in the SCI-Arc Gallery. More information after the break.

“Towards Comfo-Veg” Exhibition at SCI-Arc

Courtesy of SCI-Arc

Exhibited from April 6 – Mary 13, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to present “Towards Comfo-Veg,” a large scale, site-specific installation designed for the SCI-Arc Gallery by architect and artist Peter Cook and partner Gavin Robotham of London-based CRAB Studio. Building on CRAB’s internationally recognized experimental work, Towards Comfo-Veg introduces an almost completely light-tight, multimedia experiential space welcoming visitors through a single point of entry and leading towards hints of an invented and dreamlike world. More information after the break.

Peter Eisenman and Jeffrey Kipnis Lectures at SCI-Arc

Courtesy of SCI-Arc

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) will be hosting the lectures of well-renowned architect, Peter Eisenman and architectural theorist, Jeffrey Kipnis at their W.M. Keck Lecture Hall in downtown . Eisenman’s lecture will take place Monday, March 5th at 7pm while Keck’s lecture will be held Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm. Both lectures are free and open to the public. More information after the break.

Video: Netscape: 2011 SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion

As the students finalize their thesis projects each September, they join the faculty in an annual ritual of constructing a temporary pavilion that will host that year’s graduation ceremony. Produced by Them Too Productions, this video documents the development and of Netscape, the 2011 SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion by Oyler Wu Collaborative and the students of SCI-Arc. View ArchDaily’s detailed coverage of the 2011 pavilion HERE.

Video: SCI-Arc Robot House

SCI-Arc‘s introduction of the Robot House (spring 2011) – a multifunctional robotics lab that enables the exploration of techniques, manipulation of high tech materials, and numerous  methods for simulation – has brought about a new and intriguing component to the school. Designed by faculty members Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser, its primary goal is the advancement of next generation platforms for the experimentation and future speculation of architecture.

The state-of-the-art Staübli robotic systems are housed within a 1,000 sqf double height research room between studio spaces and the shop.  Given the nature of work that is being produced at , it will be interesting to see the new projects that take full advantage of the Robot House and the adjacent Robotics & Simulation Lab.

Netscape: SCI-Arc Graduation Pavilion 2011 / Oyler Wu Collaborative with SCI-Arc


Architect: Oyler Wu Collaborative with SCI-Arc
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Principal Architects: Dwayne Oyler, Jenny Wu
Project Team: Oyler Wu Collaborative: Nick Aho, Chris Eskew, Matt Evans, Andy Hammer, Michael Ho, Richard Lucero, Sanjay Sukie, Yaohua Wang; : Jacob Aboudou, Casey Benito, Paul Cambon, Julian Daly, Hung Diep, Jesus Guerrero, Clifford Ho, Duygun Inal, Mina Jun, David Kim, Noorey Kim, Jacques Lesec, Zachery Main, Tyler McMartin, Richard Nam, Kevin Nguyen, Manuel Oh, Carlos Rodriquez, Bryant Suh, Kyle von Hasseln, Liz von Hasseln, Jie Yang
Engineering: Nous Engineering
Principal Engineer: Matt Melnyk
Text: Provided by Oyler Wu Collaborative
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Oyler Wu Collaborative, Scott Mayoral

SCI-Arc Fall 2011 Lectures & Exhibitions

(L to R): Thom Mayne/Morphosis, Jesse Reiser/RUR Architecture, Odile Decq/Odile Decq Benoît Cornette

The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce its Fall 2011 schedule of public lectures, discussions and exhibitions. The school welcomes award-winning architects, urban historians, writers, designers, and artists for programs that span from innovative theory to contemporary art to technical practice. Events and exhibitions at SCI-Arc are always free to the public.

Mayne to join SCI-Arc

Cooper Union by Morphosis © Iwan Baan

SCI-Arc, ’ cutting edge architectural institute, has just announced as the newest Trustee of the board.  Mayne’s addition to the board emphasizes SCI-Arc’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional architectural form and theory.   Back in 1972, Mayne co-founded the institute along with seven faculty members and approximately forty students who left Cal Poly Pomona to form a “a college without walls.”  For the past nearly four decades, Mayne has been an integral part of the university, serving as a juror, lecturer and generous supporter of the school.   ” is the quintessential SCI-Arc architect. His addition to the board is indicative of the fact that SCI-Arc continues to re-imagine the content of architecture,” said Director Eric Owen Moss.  According to SCI-Arc, this appointment complements a series of events that have prompted the school’s growth both physically and programmatically.

SCI-Arc Lecture Featuring Mohamed Sharif

Today at 1pm will feature Mohamed Sharif: Recent Work. Sharif, principal of Sharif Studio is also a faculty member of SCI-Arc. Prior to joining SCI-Arc, he was Assistant Chair of the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors department at Otis for two years and has taught at schools including his alma mater and RISD since 1994.

Lectures and discussions are held at W.M. Keck Lecture Hall and are broadcast live online. Parking and admission are free, no reservations are required.

Material beyond Materials: Composite Tectonics

“Material beyond Materials: A Composite Tectonics Conference on Advanced Materials and Digital Manufacturing” combines progressive presentations in the fields of architecture, the arts, engineering and materials research. The conference participants will present and discuss their most innovative ideas, projects and positions concerning materials, technology and the impact on the architecture and construction disciplines and professions.

Friday, March 25, 6-8pm
Saturday, March 26, 10am-5pm
SCI-Arc Campus 960 E. 3rd Street, , California,

Taking place on the SCI-Arc campus in downtown Los Angeles, the two-day forum open to the public and the community at large will explore technological advances in composite materials, innovations in construction, and current design discourse—with some of the most important names in today’s building, fabrication and design industries.

Atelier Hitoshi Abe: len-tic-u-lar-is, an exhibition discussion

Len-tic-u-lar-is, a new exhibition by and Sendai-based architecture firm Atelier Hitoshi Abe (AHA), will be on view from July 30 to September 12, 2010, in the Gallery at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).

The first architectural subject that AHA will tackle in Los Angeles is the design of a new large-scale roof over the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) Plaza, designed by Isamu Noguchi. For this plaza, Noguchi created a singular landscape inspired by a Zen garden that isolates itself from the surrounding townscape. Although a very important place for the community, the JACCC Plaza is too exposed to the climate of Los Angeles to host various activities, and the walls that enclose the plaza conceal it from the neighborhood and make it invisible to the city.

Exhibition discussion with Hitoshi Abe and Eric Owen Moss, followed by the opening reception will take place July 30 at 7pm. Admission is free. More information can be found here.

Immuring, an exhibition discussion with davidclovers

Immuring, a new exhibition by Hong Kong-based architecture firm davidclovers, will be on view from June 4 through July 18, 2010, in the SCI-Arc Gallery at the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Immuring invigorates the relationship between architectural graphic and architectural mass through the re-examination of fresco in a contemporary context.

The touch-off point for this installation is the design of a 2,500-square-foot speculative home for Hometta, Inc. (Lunar House), which started in early 2008. This exhibition showcases the culmination of davidclovers’ two-year collaboration with -based artist C.E.B. Reas, DuPont China Ltd., Speed Top (Hong Kong) Limited, and E-Grow (Shanghai) on this project.

An exhibition discussion will take place on June 4 with architects David Erdman and Clover Lee and SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss. More information can be found here.

London Eight, Curated by Sir Peter Cook

The Southern California Institute of Architecture is pleased to present London Eight, curated by renowned English architect Sir Peter Cook. London Eight presents three main exhibitors, teachers from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London chosen by Peter Cook, each of whom have nominated a ‘new face’ exhibitor.

The exhibition examines recent works from the teachers/students and will include three-dimensional objects, bas-relief items, digital and handmade drawings and collages, projections, and models.

The exhibition opens tomorrow February 19 at the Library. To find out more on the exhibitors, click here.

Alexis Rochas, I/O: Still Robot

The Southern California Institute of Architecture announces the first exhibition of 2010: Still Robot by Alexis Rochas, I/O, on view at the SCI-Arc Gallery from January 22 through March 7. Still Robot is a 1,000 square-foot case study introducing the OCTA.BOT system, the proprietary technology of I/O, which is comprised of eight swivel joints, and introduces the unique universal building system of freely rotating elements that expands on space-frame technology.

A member of SCI-Arc’s faculty, Rochas is well-known for his recent SYNTHe project, an adaptable synthetic environment managing air pollution and storm water runoff that was recognized as one of the first large-scale rooftop vegetable gardens in . I/O’s practice focuses on the development of dynamic architectural methodologies integrating design, technology and advanced fabrication techniques.

On February 5, an exhibition discussion will be held with Alexis Rochas and Eric Owen Moss. We’ve interviewed both on ArchDaily, so be sure to check them out! (Alexis Rochas here, Eric Owen Moss here).

For more information on the exhibition, click here.

Spring 2010 at SCI-Arc: Lectures and exhibitions

SCIARCThe Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is pleased to announce the Spring 2010 schedule of public programs and exhibitions, which welcomes award-winning architects, experimental musicians, and urban historians for programs that span from innovative theory to furniture design to technical practice. Programs and exhibitions at SCI-Arc are always free to the public.

The spring schedule features lectures by such renowned practicing architects as Michel Rojkind Halpert, Rojkind Arquitectos; Monica Ponce de Leon, Office dA; David Erdman, davidclovers; and Russell Thomsen and Eric Kahn, IDEA office; as well as theorists and urban historians such as Eric Avila, Michael Kubo, and Michael Sorkin. Matmos, the experimental music group based in San Francisco, begins the lecture series on January 27.

In addition SCI-Arc presents exhibitions by faculty members Alexis Rochas (opening January 22) and Juan Azulay (opening March 26) in the SCI-Arc Gallery and London Eight (opening March 19), curated by Sir , in the SCI-Arc Library.

Lectures are free and begin at 7pm in the W. M. Keck Lecture Hall and are also broadcast live on the internet at Follow the complete schedule here.

Eric Owen Moss Construction Manual, 1988-2008

The Southern California Institute of Architecture is pleased to present Eric Owen Moss, director of SCI-Arc, in conversation with Frances Anderton, host of DnA: Design and Architecture on 89.9 KCRW and Los Angeles editor of Dwell Magazine. We interviewed Eric last April, a very interesting conversation. You can check his interview here. A book signing and reception will follow the discussion.

The book features 40 projects from Architects, the Culver City-based firm Moss founded in 1973. The nearly 1,600-page manual includes first sketches, models, preliminary drawings, fabrications, and construction photos. Twenty-one of the featured projects have been built and several more are in the pipeline. Moss has taught, lectured and exhibited internationally; he has been the director of SCI-Arc since 2002.

The event will take place next Wednesday, December 9, 7pm at W. M. Keck Lecture Hall, SCI-Arc.