Cobogó House / Marcio Kogan


Architects: Studio mk27 / Marcio Kogan
Location: São Paulo,
Co-Author: Carolina Castroviejo
Interior Design Co-Authors: Diana Radomysler, Carolina Castroviejo
Collaborator: Eduardo Chalabi
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1000 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Kon

MSA+PMA Architecture’s Winning Proposal for the Regeneration of “Cabuço de Baixo 5”


 entered this competition in collaboration with “MAS Urban Design ETH Zürich” – successful teamwork that revealed a First-Prize Winning Project for “Cabuço de Baixo 5”. The initiative of this cooperation began with a proposal from a cohort of postgraduates who were attending the Masters Program in Advanced Studies in Urban Design at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich).

Drucker Arquitetura’s Winning Proposal to Rebuild Slum-Areas in São Paulo

Courtesy of

The informal city is a problem that could not be solved by the twentieth-century urbanism. It is necessary to produce a set of tools that will allow us to perform with solvency and responsibility in this area. Some of the tools of traditional architecture and urbanism can be successfully applied; others are yet to be elaborated. With this in mind, Drucker Arquitetura designed the winning proposal for the Sáo Paulo competition to rebuild the city’s slum-areas.

Santa Clara Ad Agency / Sub Estudio

© Fran Parente

Architect: Sub Estudio
Location: , São Paulo, Brazil
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Fran Parente

Casa 4×30 / CR2 architecture + FGMF Architects



Architects: CR2 architecture + FGMF Architects
Location: São Paulo,
Project Year: 2011
Authors: Lourenço Gimenes e Clara Reynaldo
Collaborators: Fernando Forte, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz, Ana Luíza Galvão, Bruno Araújo, Marcela Aleotti and Marília Caetano (architects), Mirela Caetano, Rafaela Arantes and Wilson
Structural Project: OPPEA engenharia
Landscaping Project: Stúdio Ilex
Photographs: Fran Parente

CHB Campinas F1 State School / MMBB Arquitetos


Architects: MMBB Arquitetos
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Collaborators: Eduardo Ferroni, M·rcia Terazaki, Jaques Rordorf, Marina Sabino, Paula Cardoso, Renata Vieira e Thiago Rolemberg
Project Area: 3,000 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Kon

BOOM (Design) Contemporaneo Exhibit: Architecture + Art = Photography / Paul Clemence

Courtesy of

Architecture + Art merging via photography, by Paul Clemence, are a collection of photographs at the exhibit, “BOOM (Design) Contemporaneo” taking place from August 29th to October 10th in , Brazil and is free to the public.

Zaha Hadid, Paul Clemence, Milano, Design, Massimiliano Fuksas, Frankfurt, Shopping, New York and Art are all converging in this one place via Paul Clemence’s photography at BOOMSPDESIGN 2011. More information on the exhibit after the break.

Boaçava House / MMBB Arquitetos


Architects: MMBB Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo,
Project Year: 2006
Project team: Marina Sabino, Márcia Terazaki, Thiago Rolemberg, Ana Carina Costa, Marina Acayaba, Marcelo Maia Rosa
Project Area: 344 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Simpatia Street Housing / gruposp arquitetos


Architects: gruposp arquitetos / Alvaro Puntoni, João Sodré, Jonathan Davies
Location: São Paulo,
Collaborators: André Luiz Tura Nunes, Isabel Nassif Cytrynowicz, Rafael Murollo, Rodrigo Ohtake, Tatiana Ozetti
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 3000 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Emporio Baglione / Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos

Courtesy of Rocco,

Emporio Baglione is a restaurant in a trendy and nice neighborhood. The entrance was designed as a continuation of the promenade as a square of interconnection between public and private sectors.

Architect: Rocco, Vidal+arquitetos
Location: , Brazil
Project Team: Giovana Oliva , Alexandre Salles
Structure Engineer: Pedro Paulo Maciel Engenharia
Electrical Engineer: Grau Engenharia
Lighting: Foco Luz e Desenho
Photographs: Courtesy of Rocco, Vidal+arquitetos

HAZP House / Frederico Zanelato | Arquitetos

© Peter Abude

The proposed project for this residence, located in a gated community in the city of , was designed for an architect, his wife and kid. It was proposed that the construction should be done in stages, according to the family growth. Sustainability of its use was also considered in the project. The sloping terrain has a forest of native trees at the lower part of the plot, making the first block more suitable for occupation to be done on two levels, therefore preserving as many species of trees as possible. And at a later stage, an expansion of another block in the lower part of the plot, dedicated to children.

Architect: Frederico Zanelato | Arquitetos
Location: Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo,
Project Team: Frederico Zanelato, Arthur Pugliese, Fernanda Kano, Regina Sesoko and Milena Mendes
Collaborators: Regina Santos and Flávio Coutinho
Structural: Wagner de Oliveira Garcia
Construction: Architects Frederick Zanelato
Frames: Jair Bolanho
Timber: Construvelho
Interns: Guilherme Bravin and Nayara Mendes
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 180 sqm
Photographs: Peter Abude

American Institute of Architects New York Chapter organizes international exchange of award-winning designers between New York and São Paulo


Last year, the New Practices Committee of the AIA Chapter recognized seven promising and pioneering new architecture and design firms working in – the New Practices 2010 winners.

This year, AIANY and the Center for Architecture are thrilled to send an exhibition of these firms to São Paulo, and welcome in return an exhibition of São Paulo’s winning new practices. New York’s 2010 winners will be on view at the São Paulo International Architecture Biennial in Oscar Niemeyer’s OCA Pavilion in Ibirapuera Park from November 1 – December 4, 2011 and the young Brazilian firms will be featured in an exhibition opening July 14 at the Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, in New York City.

The exhibition will remain on view at the Center for Architecture until September 10, 2011. More information after the break.

Brazil’s NOVA BOSSA: BoomSPDesign Conference 2011

The giant, , has awakened from its design leader nap and is once again a player in the creative world, be it design, art or architecture. BoomSPdesign, a series of conferences taking place yearly in , has quickly established itself as a catalyst for connecting this exciting Brazilian moment to the global experience, bringing together designers and artists from all over the world to showcase and discuss their work and passion.

The event will take place in Sao Paulo from August 29th to September 2nd, 2011 at the Centro Universitario Belas Artes de Sao Paulo. More competition information after the break.

Na Mata Café / Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos


Architects: Forte, Gimenes & Marcondes Ferraz Arquitetos
Location: São Paulo,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 900,00 sqm
Photographs: Fran Parente

Nestlé’s Chocolate Museum / Metro Arquitetos Associados

© Leonardo Finotti

Architects: Metro Arquitetos Associados
Location: ,
Project Area: 1,850 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

Lumini Shop / Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos


Architects: Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos
Location: Sao Paulo,
Engineering: Souza Lima Construtora
Structure: Ideal Projetos de Engenharia
Lighting design: Franco e Fortes Lighting design
Wiring project: Aloeletrica
Photographs: Nelson Kon

What turns a residential space into a home? / Estudio Guto Requena


What turns a residential space into a home? Its decoration? Its objects? The people sharing that space? All the memories stored in it? Estudio Guto Requena asks the participants to answer this question until July 17th by twitter @umacasaumlar and help them to construct their interactive wallpaper at Hyundai Mostra Black Exhibition in Sao Paulo. The interactive ambient “What turns a house into a home?” seeks to instigate the visitors to thinking about the significances and subjectivities associated with our houses.

Jardim Maria Helena / +K Architects


Architects: +K Architects – Keila Costa
Co-author: Isabel Imbronito
Location: , Brazil
Project area: 3,391 sqm
Project year: 2005 – 2006
Photographs: Nelson Kon