Architecture City Guide: San Diego

This week our Architecture City Guide is headed to . It is home to the Salk Institute, one of ’s most well-known buildings, and Richard Neutra’s Airman’s Memorial Chapel. One could argue that these alone make a visit worth the trip. That said, we have put together a list of 12 great contemporary buildings that are also worth seeing. By limiting ourselves to 12 buildings we were not even able to include all the ones we have previously featured on our website. Take a look at our list and add to it in the comment section below.

Architecture City Guide: San Diego list and corresponding map after the break!

Artist Bridge Studio / Safdie Rabines Architects

© Undine Pröhl

This project, designed by Safdie Rabines Architects, is a studio for two artists wishing to create a new work space while minimizing the impact of any new construction on the natural landscape of their property. The studio is located to the rear of the house, connecting the home to a beautiful portion of the site which, prior to the addition, had not been accessible.

Architects: Safdie Rabines Architects
Location: San Diego, ,
Engineer: Burkett & Wong Engineers
Landscape: Leslie Ryan
Biologist: Rod Dossey
General Contractor: Dana Cavanaugh-Cavanaugh Construction
Project Area: 800 spf
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Undine Pröhl

Des Moines Union Railway Bridge / Safdie Rabines Architects

© Max Kun Zhang

Safdie Rabines Architects‘ restoration and rehabilitation of this original 1800’s railway bridge provides a new scenic bicycle and pedestrian link over the Des Moines River. The Des Moines Union Railway Bridge anchors the south end of the Des Moines’ Principal Riverwalk, which connects the east and west sides of downtown through a series of lighted and landscaped walking paths and bridges.

Further description and drawings after the break.

Architect: Safdie Rabines Architects
Location: Des Moines, Iowa,
Civil/Structural/Electrical Engineer: Stanley Consultants
Lighting: RDG Planning & Design
Landscape: Wallace Roberts & Todd
Project Area: 385 ft span
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Max Kun Zhang

Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment / Safdie Rabines Architects

© Anne Garrison

Designed by Safdie Rabines Architects, the Robert Paine Scripps Forum for Science, Society and the Environment is an oceanfront conference center that plays host to scientists from around the world studying the oceans, earth, and marine life. The project features an approximately 300-person flexible auditorium space, four oceanfront meeting rooms of varying sizes, a graduate student lounge, a catering kitchen, and a restaurant.

Project description, images, and drawings after the break.

Architects: Safdie Rabines Architects
Location: UCSD La Jolla, ,
MEP Engineer: Integrated Engineering
Structural Engineer: Flores Lund Consultants
Civil Engineer: Fuscoe Engineering
Landscape Architect: Aerea Studio
Acoustic Consultant: Dohn and Associates
Contractor/Builder: Jaynes Corporation, General Contractors
Project Area: 15,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Anne Garrison, David Hewitt Anne Garrison Architectural Photography

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook / Safdie Rabines Architects

© Undine Prohl

The Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is a 57-acre urban state park located 500 feet above the city in the heart of Los Angeles. The park includes a new 10,000 square foot visitor center, observation deck and viewing areas, hiking trails, picnic areas and restored natural landscape. The turbulent history of the Baldwin Hills site, from oil wells to plans for massive residential development, stripped this mountain of most of its natural past. A critical part of the design process was to define the period that represented the site in its natural state and to create a suitable approach to the restoration of the site. It was also important to understand the history of land development in Los Angeles in order to better understand the symbolic value of this verdant mountain in the midst of a dense city.

Architects: Safdie Rabines Architects
Location: Los Angeles, , USA
Structural Engineer: Nabih Youssef & Associates
Civil Engineer: Fuscoe Engineering
Landscape Architect: Wallace Roberts & Todd
MEP Engineer: Integrated Engineering
Habitat Restoration: NewFields Agricultural & Environmental Resources
General Contractor: Metro Builders and Engineers Group, Ltd.
Project Area: 57 Acres
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Undine Prohl

Eleanor Roosevelt College / Safdie Rabines Architects and Moshe Safdie & Associates

© Timothy Hursley

The Eleanor Roosevelt College, an undergraduate campus at University of California San Diego, creates a home for a college which had previously been spread throughout the campus, lacking a cohesive unity. Located on eleven acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Salk Institute, the site drops over seventy feet to the west, ending at a busy boulevard, North Torrey Pines Road. The site is bound on the east by Ridge Walk, one of the University’s primary pedestrian thoroughfares, while Scholars Drive, a primary bus route, cuts the site in two. Shielding the campus from the traffic to the west, connecting to Ridge Walk on the east and overcoming the division caused by Scholars Drive were among the primary planning concerns.

Architects: Safdie Rabines Architects and Moshe Safdie & Associates
Location: La Jolla, California, USA
Structural Engineer: Nabih Youssef Associates
Civil Engineer: Flores Lund Consultants
Landscape: Wallace Roberts & Todd
Lighting: Robert Morrow
Project Area: 450,000 sqf
Photographs: Timothy Hursley