Essex Park Musicon / CREO ARKITEKTER A/S

Courtesy of

Location: , Denmark
Sub Constultants: Engineer Søren B. Nielsen
Area: 5200.0 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of CREO ARKITEKTER A/S

CREO ARKITEKTER and JAJA architects to Restore and Expand Roskilde Swimming Hall Outside Copenhagen

Entrance. Image © &

CREO ARKITEKTER A/S and JAJA architects have won first prize in a competition to restore the mid-century Roskilde Swimming Hall outside of Copenhagen. The Danish team will “architecturally transform” the site’s existing building complex and 1960s water tower into a “cohesive spatial experience” that offers a range of naturally lit bathing areas and amenities directly connected to the surrounding park. 

“We propose a diverse roof element that ties the entire complex – new and existing – into a cohesive architectural composition,” says the architects. “A horizontal window band will frame the landscape whilst creating a strong visual connection between the exterior and interior water space. A series of green courtyards will enhance the experience by bringing daylight and nature into the heart of the swimming bath.”

More about the winning scheme, after the break.

Incineration Line in Roskilde / Erick van Egeraat

© Tim Van de Velde

Architects: Erick van Egeraat
Location: 4000 Roskilde,
Year: 2014
Photographs: Tim Van de Velde

The Velvet State / Shjworks Architectural

© Simon Hjermind Jensen

Location: Darupvej, Roskilde,
Architect In Charge: Simon Hjermind Jensen
Design Team: Christian Bøcker Sørensen
Photographs: Simon Hjermind Jensen, Christian Böcker Sörensen, Lasse Ryberg

Roskilde Dome 2012 / Kristoffer Tejlgaard + Benny Jepsen

Courtesy of Kristoffer Tejlgaard

Architects: Kristoffer Tejlgaard +
Location: Roskilde,
Engineer: Henrik Almegaard
Area: 148 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Kristoffer Tejlgaard

Youth Centre in Roskilde / Cornelius + Vöge

© Adam Mørk

Architects: Cornelius + Vöge
Location: County, Denmark
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Adam Mørk

ROCKmagneten / MVRDV & COBE

© Luxigon

The MVRDV and COBE scheme for the transformation of a former concrete factory into a multifunctional creative hub was chosen as the winner of an international design competition. The masterplan proposes an informal transformation of the 45.000m2 site into a dense neighborhood, incl. 8.000m2 existing factory halls, organized around a plaza for events. Three new volumes will be added on top of the halls: The 11.000m2 ROCKmagneten consists of The Danish Rock Museum, The Festival Folkschool incl. student housing, and the headquarters of the famous Rock Festival. They share program in a public creative communal house. The museum with a total of 3.000m2 will be completed as the first phase in 2014. More images and architects’ description after the break.

‘Why Don’t We Do It On The Stairs?’ / Re-Make / Re-Model

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‘Why Don’t We Do It On The Stairs?’ is the winning proposal for won the architectural design competition ‘Build What Here?’ organised by the Danish Architecture Centre and Festival, to create an architectural design for the Culture Zone at Festival 2011.  The project is designed by architecture collective Re-Make / Re-Model consisting of Anders Grivi Norman of Oslo, Norway and Victor Serrander of Stockholm, Sweden.  The design will be built for the Roskilde Festival and will be featured in an exhibition in the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen opening on the 7th of May.

More on this project after the break.