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Yad Le’Banim Building Competition Entry - Cultural and Memorial Center / Irad Shomroni and Josef Shushan

Designed by Irad Shomroni and Josef Shushan, the proposal for the Yad Le’Banim Building – Cultural and Memorial Center seeks to emphasize the duality between everyday life activities and commemoration. In a center that houses both cultural communal facilities that open daily and annual memorial ceremonies for casualties of war, the center is designed as a linear path. It gradually rises from Ramat Yishay’s main street, hovers above its surrounding garden, and eventually reaches a viewpoint towards the historical buildings of Ramat Yishay. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Yad Lebanim Competition Entry / Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, Yinnon Lehrer

The proposal for the ‘Yad Lebanim’ (Fallen Sons’ Commemoration) memorial homes are designed as programmatic hybrids, teaming a military memorial hall with a civic community center. Designed by architects Moshe Fluhr, Lee Davidson Lehrer, and Yinnon Lehrer, the project reflects a constant dualism in Israeli Society, struggling to exist between the extremes of past and present, war and peace, sacred and profane. The 2.5 hectare site, which is situated in the entrance to Ramat Yishay, gives the opportunity to answer the needs of the community, while creating a building that emblemizes local values. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Yad Le’Banim Building Competition Entry / Talmon Biran Architecture Studio

Proposed by Talmon Biran Architecture Studio, the Yad Le’Banim building is located within an existing grove at the local council of Ramat Yishay, Israel, which provides a unique opportunity to integrate landscape with the architectural design. This setting doesn’t only add a visual values for the building, but also adds and symbolic aspect – the trees which are seen from all the building’s façades create an image that expresses the relation between life and death, between growth and loss. This relation is inherent in the definition of the Yad Le’Banim buildings as cultural and educational centers on the one hand, and as a memorials on the other hand. More images and architects’ description after the break.