London's Silver Forest Redefines the Concrete Jungle

04:00 - 5 February, 2016
The textured surface of the frieze changes according to ambient light, creating a perplexing effect in the image from day to night. Image Courtesy of Lynch Architects
The textured surface of the frieze changes according to ambient light, creating a perplexing effect in the image from day to night. Image Courtesy of Lynch Architects

A new type of greenery has arrived in central London. Placed along the western façade of Westminster City Hall (known as Kingsgate Walk), a sprawling concrete frieze in relief depicts shimmering nocturnal birch trees photographed in forests from Beijing to London. Created using emerging technology, the relief was rendered through the concrete casting of a photograph by artist Rut Blees Luxemburg, a photographic artist and a reader in Urban Aesthetics at London's Royal College of Art. The textured surface of the frieze changes according to ambient light, creating a perplexing effect in the image from day to night. 

Realized through a unique collaboration between artist Blees Luxemburg, London-based Lynch Architects and developer Land Securities as a part of Kingsgate, Silver Forest completes the major urban regeneration project for London Victoria in its new home in a public square adjacent to Westminster City Hall.

Find out more about the interdisciplinary partnership formed for Silver Forest after the break.

Urban Oasis Design Competition

10:13 - 7 November, 2015
Urban Oasis Public Art Commission
Urban Oasis Public Art Commission

We’re commissioning an artist, or artist led team, to design and deliver a major public artwork – an Urban Oasis in the heart of one of Australia’s bustling tourist cities.

A design competition to choose the successful artist or artist led team is open now to local, national and international artists. The winning design will receive a $330,000 commission.

We’re asking artists to respond to a space and transform it through art. It’s a challenging yet rewarding site for an artist. Located at one of the Gold Coast’s busiest junctions - where the city’s expanding light rail network crosses a

Strook Creates Colorful Street Murals with Recycled Wood

08:00 - 2 July, 2015
Wood & Paint. Image ©
Wood & Paint. Image ©

Discarded planks, doors, floorboards and furniture become colorful geometric faces in Stefaan De Croock’s street murals in Belgium. De Croock (also known as Strook), preserves the color and texture of the scavenged wooden pieces, cutting them into geometric shapes and piecing them together to form colossal faces. 

"The whole process of making such a recycled artwork is really interesting; the search for wood, cutting and making the pieces, placing and building it,” Strook said. “I really like working with the old patina of discarded wood. It’s like a footprint of time; every piece has it own story and comes together in a new composition and forms a new story.”

View photos and learn more about two of his recent projects – Elsewhere and Wood & paint – after the break.

Elsewhere. Image © Wood & Paint. Image © Wood & Paint. Image © Wood & Paint. Image © +30

French Artist Levalet Inks Imaginary Scenes onto Parisian Buildings

08:00 - 24 March, 2015
Décrue. Image © Levalet
Décrue. Image © Levalet

A curved street grate becomes an umbrella for a shepherd and his sheep, and a construction site is transformed into a fortress for mop-wielding guards in the interactive street art of French artist Charles Leval, better known as Levalet. Seeking inspiration from the Parisian streets, Levalet is known for his site-specific, India ink drawings that playfully interact with their surrounding architecture. “Topography is very important for me, this is why I always check a place out before I work on it,” Levalet said in an interview with Underground Paris. “I try to mix the world of representation with the real world by playing on the physical cohesion of the situations I put up. Architecture supports my work. Then I work on staging the artwork with photographs.”

See a selection of Levalet’s work after the break and check out his personal website and Facebook page to learn more.

Minotaure. Image © Levalet Energy drink. Image © Levalet Pastorale. Image © Levalet Portes ouvertes. Image © Levalet +15

Satellite Records World’s Largest Urban Art GIF in Rio de Janeiro

16:00 - 20 February, 2015

The Flamengo landfill in Rio de Janeiro was recently host the world's largest urban art GIF. Created by anonymous artist INSA, the work consisted of a huge floor painting that underwent minor changes recorded by the satellite 430 miles above the earth. 

Sponsored by Scotch whiskey brand Ballantine, the painting - 619,000-square-feet of yellow and pink hearts - was produced by a 20-person team over the course of four days. With each new picture, the team altered the illustration so that, by the end of the process, the recorded images created an animated GIF (as seen above).

Video: Spirit of Space Captures the Essence of Chicago's Public Art

00:00 - 16 August, 2013

Spirit of Space has shared with us their most recent collaboration with Phil Enquist of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill: Art in the City. Pairing powerful quotes with imagery from the Chicago’s most prominent works, the film "expresses the vitality and vibrance that public art can bring to the urban environment by experientially including the viewer in the making of place.” As Spirit of Space describes, “The art is a reflection of the City, the art becomes a part of the City, the art is instrumental in making the City.”