BO House / Plan B Arquitectos

© Alejandro Arango

Architects: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: , Antioquia, Colombia
Project Team: Carlos Blanco, Daniel Tobón, Alejandro Henao
Project Direction: , Federico Mesa
Construction: Verónica Vásquez
Project Area: 300.0 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Alejandro Arango

Embera Atrato Medio School / Plan B Arquitectos

© Julian Castro

Architects: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: Vigía del Fuerte, Antioquia,
Project Manager: Felipe Mesa + Federico Mesa
Work Team: Carlos Blanco, Daniel Tobón
Area: 1305.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Julian Castro , Alejandro Arango

Click Clack Hotel / Plan B Arquitectos

© Andrés Valbuena

Architects: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: Bogotá, Bogota,
Project Architects: Felipe Mesa, Federico Mesa
Project Area: 4500.0 m2
Project Year: 2012
Photography: Andrés Valbuena, Santiago Pyniol

Biennial of the Americas 2013: Draft Urbanism


Colorado’s Biennial of the Americas has invited artists and architects from across the Americas to participate in the second edition of Draft Urbanism: a citywide exhibition that examines the evolving relationship we have with our cities. This year, four architects – plan:b arquitectos (Colombia), Pezo von Ellrichshausen (Chile), June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge&Chermayeff (New York/Berlin), and Alex Schweder (New York) – were commissioned to each design and build a large-scale installation that address site-specific urban challenges and key planning issues presently facing downtown Denver.

With urban challenges ranging from Denver’s over abundance of surface parking lots to the effects of an 8-lane thoroughfare that splits the downtown core, these four installations aim to portray a deep understanding of the city’s history while proposing innovative ways in which art can address our urban future.

Read on to learn about the installations and view a short film for each by Cristobal Palma.

Santo Domingo Savio Kindergarten / Plan B arquitectos

© Sergio Gomez

Architects: Plan B arquitectos
Location: Medellín, Colombia
Project Manager: + Federico Mesa
Work Team: Juan Pablo Giraldo, Juan Camilo Ramirez, Miguel Martos, Carlos Blanco
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 1,500 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Gomez, Courtesy of Plan B arquitectos

Casa M / Plan B Arquitectos

© Sergio Gomez

Architect: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: Medellín, El Poblado Quarter, Colombia
Project Manager: + Federico Mesa
Project Team: Daniel Tobón, Carlos Blanco, Sebastián Serna, Ivanovha Benedetto
Project Year: 2011
Area: 360 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Gomez

Rio Cedro House / Plan B Arquitectos

© Sergio Gomez

Architect: Plan B Arquitectos
Location: ,
Project Manager: Felipe Mesa + Federico Mesa
Project Ream: Ivanovha Benedetto, Sebastián Serna, Carlos Blanco
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Sergio Gomez

Four Sport Scenarios / Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa (Plan:b)

© Iwan Baan

Architects: Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa (Plan:b)
Location: Medellín,
Constructor: Coninsa-Ramón H
Structural Engineering: Nicolás Parra y Daniel Lozano – CNI Ingenieros
Electrical Engineering: EBINGEL
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Iwan Baan

Disconnected Pavilion / Plan B Arquitectos

© Sergio Gómez - Phase 2

Architects: Plan: b Arquitectos + Federico Mesa
Location: Medellín,
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Sergio Gómez

Chairama SPA / Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa

© Sergio Gomez

Architects: Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa (planb)
Location: Bogota,
Project Team: Jaime Borbon, Andres Sarmiento, Maria Fernanda Pizarro, Jorge Gomez, Ivanovha Benedetto, Juan Pablo Giraldo
Façade Graphic Design: Juan David Diez
Design Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Sergio Gomez

Video: Flor del Campo / Giancarlo Mazzanti + Felipe Mesa, by Cristobal Palma

A few weeks ago we presented you the Sports Facilities for the ODESUR Games in Medellin by Giancarlo Mazzanti + Plan B (Felipe Mesa), a video shot by photographer Cristobal Palma for Abitare.

Cristobal shared with us another high quality video of this new generation of Colombian architects: The Flor del Campo school in Cartagena de Indias.

I really like the organic shapes of the school, and the pre cast concrete elements on its facade with openings that allow cross ventilation. You can browse more projects by Colombian architects, and projects shot by Cristobal Palma.

V House / Plan B Arquitectos + Giancarlo Mazzanti

aerial view

Architects: Plan B Arquitectos () + Giancarlo Mazzanti
Location: Urbanización Aposentos, Sabana de , Colombia
Collaborators: Viviana Peña, Jose Orozco, Jaime Borbón, Andrés Sarmiento, Juan Pablo Buitrago
Contractor: Jaime Pizarro
Structural Engineer: Nicolás Parra
Design Year: 2006-2007
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Rodrigo Davila