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Illumination: Business Area, Olympic Hall / pfarré lighting design

Serving as a backstage area for artists who perform at the Olympic Hall in Munich, the business area can be booked for conferences, meetings, seminars and other events. In order to meet established requirements calling for variable use of the business area, pfarré lighting design created a system which is as effective when the area has no partitions as when it is subdivided into separate areas. More images and their description after the break.

Illumination: Small Olympic Hall / pfarré lighting design

With a capacity of 3600 places, and an alternative to its ‘grand sister’, the small olympic hall, is embedded carefully in the protected Olympic Park ensemble as it almost disappears. With pfarré lighting design working closely with the architects, the attic has been detailed to house a linear, dimmable lighting system. The huge notch, cut into the hill, which covers the building, was underlined with light on both sides. More images and their description after the break.

Illumination: Central Bus Terminal / pfarré lighting design

The lighting for the Central Bus Terminal in Munich by pfarré lighting design aims at giving the appearance of a building floating on a cushion of cold white light. As a result, warm light is used in the upper floors and in the exterior space while a softly shimmering façade evokes a powerfully glowing orange. More images and their description after the break.

Illumination: Palace of International Forums / pfarré lighting design

The Palace of International Forums is a centrally located venue in the cityscape of Tashkent , Uzbekistan for hosting official state receptions, conferences and concerts. With the request from the client for an atmosphere of festive glamour, pfarré lighting design created the illumination of interior spaces to encompass a total of 40,000 m2. They augmented the work of the interior designers by designing many lights, light systems, light objects and crystal chandeliers manufactured specifically for the project. More images and their description after the break.