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Vino Veritas Oslo / Masquespacio

© David Rodríguez © Carlos Huecas © David Rodríguez © Carlos Huecas

Snøhetta Designs New Banknotes for Norway

Snøhetta’s pixilated concept for the Norwegian banknote has been selected by the Central Bank of Norway to serve as the “foundation” for the backside of the new kroner notes. This news, announced yesterday in Oslo, also confirmed that the notes’ front will be based off The Metric System’s more “traditional” design featuring a images of sailing vessels.

Both Snøhetta and The Metric System were among seven designers invited to submit ideas under the nautical theme “The Sea,” in which Snøhetta chose to commemorate Norway’s coastal landmarks with a “visual language” of brightly colored, cubical patterns. 

More on Snøhetta’s winning concept, after the break.

Design Revealed for Norway’s New National Arts Museum

© Kleihues + Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten
© Kleihues + Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten

The planning phase for the new National Arts Museum in Norway is coming to a close and the images of the winning design by architects Kleihues + Schuwerk Gesellschaft von Architekten have been released. With its modernization and expansion, the museum aims to enhance the fields of art and design in Norway and serve as a cultural hub for locals and tourists alike. Learn more about the project and see the proposed design after the break.

Sverre Fehn’s Drawings for Venice's Nordic Pavilion To Be Exhibited in Oslo

Norwegian architect and Pritzker Laureate Sverre Fehn’s original drawings for the Nordic Pavilion in Venice are to be presented alongside Ferruzzi’s monochromatic photographs of the building in an exhibition at the National Museum of Architecture in Oslo. Venice: Fehn’s Nordic Pavilion documents the incredible task undertaken by Fehn who, at the age of thirty-four, won the competition to design the pavilion and subsequently won international acclaim when the building was completed in 1962.

BoxHome / Rintala Eggertsson Architects

Courtesy of Rintala Eggertsson Architects
Courtesy of Rintala Eggertsson Architects
  • Architects: Rintala Eggertsson Architects
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Work Group: Sami Rintala, Dagur Eggertson, John Roger Holte, Julian Fors
  • Area: 19.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2007
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Rintala Eggertsson Architects, Ivan Brodey

© Ivan Brodey Courtesy of Rintala Eggertsson Architects © Ivan Brodey © Ivan Brodey

Twins' House / JVA

© Jonas Adolfsen
© Jonas Adolfsen
  • Architects: JVA
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Primary Architects: Einar Jarmund, Håkon Vigsnæs, Alessandra Kosberg, Nikolaj Zamecznik, Lars Hamran, Tuva Salomonsen Hansen
  • Area: 370.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Jonas Adolfsen

© Jonas Adolfsen © Jonas Adolfsen © Jonas Adolfsen © Jonas Adolfsen

House Sømme / Knut Hjeltnes

Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes

House Engan / Knut Hjeltnes

Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes Courtesy of Knut Hjeltnes

Shortlist Announced for Oslo's July 22 Memorial Sites

Eight candidates have been selected for the second phase of the international competition to design two national public art memorial sites to commemorate the 2011 terror attacks in Oslo and on the island of Utøya. Selected from over 300 artists and architects from 46 different countries,  the Art Selection Committee have shortlisted the following candidates:

Exhibition: Far-out Voices

Far-out Voices presents a selective insight into the pioneering, counter-cultural origins of what we today call green design. Organized around a series of oral histories (filmed interviews) collected by Caroline Maniaque-Benton in 2002, the exhibition offers a point of entry into the thinking of some of the advocates of “sustainable” planning within the alternative architecture movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

Urban Mountain Team Wins Nordic Built Challenge in Norway

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, together with LOOP Architects, COWI Denmark and Norway, Transsolar Energitechnik and Vugge til Vugge Denmark, has won the Nordic Build Challenge in Norway with their innovative scheme, Urban Mountain. The winning proposal, which would be Norway's tallest building, seeks to refurbish and extend an existing 50,000 square-meter office tower in central Oslo into 79,000 square-meter sustainable icon. Not only would the building be the first Norwegian high-rise to utilize natural ventilation, but the design would employ Cradle to Cradle principles and BREEAM Outstanding certification targets to significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption and CO2 footprint. 

Continue reading to learn more...

Oslo Architecture Triennale

The Oslo Architecture Triennale is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival. Through exhibitions, conferences, debates, competitions, publications and events in different formats and media, OAT seeks to challenge the field of architecture and urbanism, as well as to engage, inspire and raise awareness among the public and decision-makers. The Triennale tackles issues with local, regional and global relevance.

This year's main exhibition, Behind the Green Door, opens September 19. For the past year, the Belgian curators Rotor have collected over 600 objects, all carrying claims of sustainability, from over 200 architecture offices, companies and environmental organizations across the world. Together these objects form a collection of curiosities, exhibited at DogA until December 1st, 2013.

The main conference of the Triennale will take place on September 29th, and under the title "The Future of Comfort" will discuss how the importance of sustainability is challenging our idea of confort and how architects enter this debate. Speakers include Carolyn Steel (architect and writer), Alfredo Brillembourg (architect, Urban Think Tank), Minik Rosing (professor of geology), Chris Reed (teacher of landscape urbanism at the GSD), and Dominic Balmforth (Susturb, danish office).

We are going to show you more about the Triennale, the curators and the projects in future articles, including videos and interviews. 

More information on the main exhibition, complete program, and locations after the break.

Spikerverket Housing / April Arkitekter

  • Architects: April Arkitekter
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Team Members: Kjersti Hembre, Kathrine Lunøe, Arna Mathiesen, Gunnar Aasen Rogne
  • Landscape Architect: Asplan Viak
  • Master Plan: Mad Arkitekter
  • Developer: Avantor AS
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Jiri Havran

© Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran © Jiri Havran

Nedregate Culture District / Space Group

© Ivan Brodey
© Ivan Brodey
  • Architects: Space Group
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Design Team: Adam Kurdahl, Gro Bonesmo, Gary Bates, Jose Hernandez, Eric Gerlach, Wenche Andreasen, Jens Noach, Anne Wordstrup, Frederik Kjelman, Tim Prins, Grant Cooper
  • Client : Signal Mediahus ANS
  • Consultants: Norconsult, Rambøll Norge, Energima, Ingenius Oslo, Franco Bløchlinger / Metallplan AS, 3D akustikk, Oslo El Prosjektering, F-Holm, Bleed, Sundt & Thomassen
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Ivan Brodey, Vegard Kleven, Space Group

© Ivan Brodey © Vegard Kleven © Ivan Brodey © Ivan Brodey

New Tryvann Tower Proposal / MAD Arkitekter

With a unique, prominent position in the urban landscape of Oslo, the Tryvann Tower is an existing TV transmission tower high up on the forested hills surrounding the city. Launching the idea of developing a new Tryvann Tower, MAD Arkitekter envisioned a tower with an elegant and bold design, placed in the same position as today’s tower. The new Tryvann Tower would be both higher and more spacious, giving increased room for a public program. More images and architects’ description after the break.

UIO Tullinkvartalet - New University Building for the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo Proposal / MAD Arkitekter

MAD Arkitekter, in collaboration with developer Entra, have developed a project for the relocation of the University of Oslo’s Faculty of Law. The project site and the historical university buildings are on opposite sides of the urban square, Tullinløkka, and a historical building on the site will also be preserved. The new university buildings for UIO are given a compact form, with frontage towards Tullinløkka as well as an iconic expression which takes a position in the cityscape. More images and architects’ description after the break. 

'Harvest' Nordic Built Challenge Finalist Proposal / AHA+ and SAAHA

Developed by architects AHA+ and Solbjor Arkitekter, their 'Harvest' proposal was announced as one of the four finalists in the international competition Nordic Built Challenge for an extension of Postgirobygget, an existing high-rise building in Oslo. Going beyond BG14 and the refurbishment of Posthuset, their concept aims at becoming a new and innovative way to meet the challenges of tomorrow while ensuring financial and practical viability. More images and architects' description after the break.

'PostZERO' Nordic Built Challenge Finalist Proposal / Space Group

Recently named as one of the finalists in the Nordic Built Challenge, Space Group, in collaboration with BollingerGrohmann + Florian Kosche AS and AJL Engineers, shared with us their ‘PostZERO’ concept. An extension of an existing high-rise building in Oslo, the project aims to identify good ideas for how buildings can be transformed in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective manner. More images and architects’ description after the break.