Doe Bay Cabin / Heliotrope Architects

© Ben Benschnieder

Located on Orcas Island in , the Doe Bay Cabin bespeaks a keen attention to material economy and site sensitivity. Designed by Seattle-based Heliotrope Architects, the small residence utilizes the efficiency of prefabricated building elements to formalize the clients’ modest cohabitation with the site and it’s incredible natural offerings. More photographs and drawings after the break.

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Location: Orcas Island, Washington, USA
General Contractor: Sudden Homes
Project Area: 1,050 sqf
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Benjamin Benschnieder

North Beach / Heliotrope Architects

© Sean Airhart

This residence is located on a northwesterly oriented beach fronting the Strait of Georgia. The site includes many second-growth douglas firs, a beech grove and a grassy meadow with good solar exposure. For over a thousand years this site was a summer camp location for the Lummi Indians, and due to its archeological significance, no footing excavation could take place on the site. Further, its location in a federally designated flood plain required that the structure be raised off the ground several feet. The design brief called for a very low-impact, easy to maintain summer home that provides necessary programmatic functions with minimum distractions from the land and the view.

Heliotrope Architects received a Merit Award – 2009 AIA Honor Awards for Washington Architecture for their design of North Beach.  Follow the break for more photographs and drawings of this project.

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Location: Orcas Island, , USA
Structural: Swenson Say Faget
General Contractor: David Shore
Photographs: Sean Airhart

Suncrest Residence / Heliotrope Architects

© Benjamin Benschnieder

Located in , Washington, Suncrest Residence sits among trees, rocks, ponds, and bald eagle nests. Heliotrope Architects designed this new residence to minimize site disturbance and blend in with its existing environment. The result is an award winning residence (Merit Award 2010 AIA Honor Awards for Washington Architecture). More photographs and drawings following the break.

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Location: Orcas Island, Washington, USA
Structural: Swenson Say Faget
General Contractor: Ravenhill
Project Area: 3,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Sean Airhart and Benjamin Benschnieder

Loop Residence / Heliotrope Architects

© Sean Airhart

The Loop Residence is a new home situated on a rock outcropping several hundred feet above the ocean. A simple plan utilizing wood frames and a prefabricated roof structure, Heliotrope Architects designed a memorable residence with pristine views. Follow the break for photographs and drawings of this new home.

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Location: , Washington,
Structural: Swenson Say Faget
Project Area: 2,400 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Sean Airhart