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University Library / njiric+ arhitekti

For njiric + arhitekti‘s library in Zadar, Croatia, the team worked with interpreting the local context as a “conflict of two matrices – the urban and suburban in the east to the west.”   The new library emerges at the crossroads of these two different zones.   With emphasis on the erosion of public space and an explosion of new technologies, the library becomes a series of environments with access to different activities.   In this way, the library becomes a host for different purposes, for instance, “the library = market = hotel = shopping. ”  The Mediterranean variant for the library is based on the density and the interdependencies between the university building, student hostels, major public buildings, and the diverse landscape structure.

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Za(breg) 2012 / njiric+ arhitekti

njiric+ arhitekti‘s design for a large stadium has been nicknamed as the “Blue Volcano” by the public and the press, an overwhelming built form that creates a presence in the city, a new landmark for the area.  The stadium was conceived not as a building typology but rather as a topography. Using the natural undulation of the landscape, the new civic arena is housed within an artificial hill made of recycled rubber and blue pigment sprayed onto corrugated aluminium sheets.

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Zagreb Pavilion by njiric + arhitekti for sale on eBay

Designed for the “44th Zagreb Salon”, an architecture show in Croatia, the pavilion designed by njiric + arhitekti (featured on ArchDaily) is currently on sale on eBay.

AD Interviews: Hrvoje Njiric / njiric+ arhitekti

During my visit to Croatia for CIP Talks, everyone kept recommending me to meet Hrvoje Njiric. Partner of njiric+ arhitekti, his recent works are very good examples on residential and educational architecture. He won -among other awards- the 2006 Zagreb Salon Grand Prix, which resulted on the Zagreb 09 Pavilion we featured last week.