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Collserola Park Competition Entry / Nabito Architects + ACTAR

Nabito Architects + ACTAR shared with us their design proposal for the “Les Portes de Collserola” international competition held by the government of Barcelona. As a finalist, the architects were challenged to create an ambitious strategical plan to regenerate the entire Park of Coillserola in the North of the city. The architects were then selected to take part in the 4B door called: ‘LES PLANES IN-PARK UNA PORTA, VÀRIES CLAUS’. The Project is a Master plan for the re-interpretation of one of the doors from Collserola Mountain going into the city of Barcelona. It is a space in between a complex superposition of different elements: urban, natural, rural and infrastructural. The perfect mix to ordinate the territory for a contemporary project. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Giolitti Concept Store / Nabito Arquitectura

Nabito Arquitectura has recently completed a international concept store for the hand made ice cream company Giolitti in Istanbul, Turkey. More images and the architects description after the break.

Domus Aquae / Nabito Architects

In less than three months, construction will begin on Nabito ArchitectsDomus Aquae.  The project is a thermal complex club that is situated next to the Roman Colosseum.  The project will use an existing structure and include a restaurant, swimming area and thermal baths.   The form was derived after studying and analyzing maps, plans and drawings of the Old Roman Termae.   Once completed, the project will be a nice compliment to those visiting the Colosseum.

More images and diagrams after the break.  

Sensational Park in Italy by Nabito Architects

Nabito Architects were given a public commission to design a park in Frosinone, Italy.

The five human senses are the main theme of the space in which materials and vegetation are related to them. The equipped green area and urban garden is due to be completed this month.

Seen at designboom. More images after the break.